Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Like Finding Buried Treasure....

Oh dear,I fear my husband may be correct when he tells me Im a pack rat!I was packing up some Ebay items for the night so Id have them ready for tomorrow when I make an overdue run to the post office when I saw shoved in the back corner of the bottom shelf of my red kitchen cart a plastic bag with a shaker and glasses Id forgotten all about!Now I had bought these many months ago at my favorite flea market for $5.00,not too shabby,8 juice glasses and 1 shaker all in mint condition.

I remembered storing them because there was no room for them in my "has the nerve to call itself a kitchen" kitchen,seriously its like 6 feet by 4 feet its maddening!Same reason I have my poor kitchen cart in the our walk in closet (which um,isnt much of a walk in) cause I cant fit it where it should go.Its a tight squeeze going from a 4 bedroom house (oh how I miss that kitchen!) to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and no sir I dont like it.Hopefully we'll be out of here when our lease is up at the start of summer,hopefully.

Since these poor beauties had to be packed back up and stored away again till we get a bigger place I thought Id give them a little sunshine and show them off here.

Hmm... let's see in other news I am 20 weeks pregnant,hooray for the 1/2 way mark!So give or take a few days in another 20 weeks our son will be here!Oh and tomorrow night I get to go see Wayne the Train Hancock with my lovely friend Jess!Too bad I'll have to be cutting it short to be home in time for the hubby to go to work (ah the laments of having my fella work graveyard and having both grandmas all the way back in California,yep no insta-babysitters for us *boo and hiss*)But I figure a lil Wayne the Train is better than none.Besides I only get out like maybe once every few months so I am overdue for a girls night.


  1. The cocktail set is lovely!

    Congratulations on getting to the half way mark!

    Have a great time tonight. My favorite pregnancy cocktail was cranberry juice and ginger ale.

  2. Thank you! oh and that sounds yum!I'll have to try it.

  3. I <3 the shaker! This is so funny because this morning while cleaning up the various junk drawers I came up with a little brass lipstick holder I had forgotten about.
    It's like getting something new for $0

  4. yes I saw the picture you posted of it,very cute!

  5. Very cute and for 5 bucks what a deal!