Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Karma is Indeed a You Know What....

Listed some more items tonight,if youre interested in anything your business is much appreciated as I pulled a Lucy this past week and overspent,screwed up the account and in order to soothe the savage beast that is my husband when I do stupid things like this Im trying to make back what I goofed up (and more if possible is always a plus) *whoops*Eh,serves me right I always gripe at him when he does it so perhaps my karma likes to come back and pull a "how do you like it?!" If you're not interested in anything just enjoy the pretty pictures(we all like to window shop dont we?)!Some of what I listed,click the link for the entire list:*deco*dame

vintage lady planter/vase figurine w/ poodles:

vintage daisy earrings:

vintage lucite choker necklace:

vintage art deco dress/scarf/shoe clips:

vintage rhinestone parrot pin:

vintage Leru plastic & rhinestone accents earrings:


  1. I wish I liked chokers, that blue lucite is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. Isnt it?!I have the same issue with long necklace,I have this weird thing about being touched in that area right between the breasts so I cant wear alot of necklaces because of that.

  3. I just have to ask - how do you do that cool border around your photos? Great stuff, by the way. I'm off to check out your prices!

  4. thanks!I use photobucket's edit and its under the decorate option.