Monday, March 30, 2009

Records,Dresses &Purses!Oh My!

Selling clothes right now isnt very fun.I normally model them myself but being well into my second trimester its a little out ofthe question.I wish our budget wasnt so tight right now so I could invest in a mannequin,its VERY much needed,one of those odd things you'd never think you'd find yourself saying in life but oh yes my life would be easier if only I had a mannequin.Here is some of the things I listed yesterday....

Johnny Cash records:

Dolly Parton record w/ poster:

vintage 50's pink lace cocktail dress:

60's mod lime green dress w/ cardigan:

vintage Vera scarf:

vintage beaded purse:

vintage sparrow wall hangings:

vintage chalkware elephant wall hangings:


  1. Dress forms and mannequins are so expensive and hard to come by, blah. I've been wanting a dress form for like forever to no avail.

  2. Keep watching craigslist. I found my first one there for a reasonable price. Other girls I know have used 50% off coupons from fabric stores to purchase theirs. Selling clothing is so much easier with a mannequin.

    I love that Dolly album, I listen to it all the time!!

  3. yeah I'll definitely need to stalk Craig's list for one.

  4. i love johnny cash.. i have the folsom in my record box..

  5. Yeah Im glad that one and the Dolly Parton one didnt end up selling so I can keep them.