Monday, March 30, 2009

Misadventures in Antiquing...

Sometimes I fear my antiquing days may be numbered,or at least cut drastically.The thought of trying to balance a newborn and a toddler in one seems mind boggling.Heidi has literally been raised in them and for the most part does extremely well.The best advice my mother gave me in concerns of parenting is "just remember they can't all be good days".This was so the case today (well,technically yesterday as its past midnight my time).

It's one of those situations as a parent you can't avoid,its going to happen to matter how sweet your child is,no matter how much you pride yourself in keeping a calm head your child will on occasion throw a fit of epic proportions in a store and you will be mortified.Jan the owner of one of the antique malls I frequent LOVES Heidi and even as she was throwing a fit was telling me how precious she was.I wrapped up my looking and before I decided to go up to the front to pay for some things I had picked out on Saturday that Jan was sweet enough to let me take with me at the time since I had forgotten my bank card my ever growing baby belly reminded me that I can't go 20 minutes without peeing.So I pick up Miss Grumpette and head to the back of the store to use the restroom.

Urination is a simple thing non-parents take for granted,there is truly so such thing as peeing in peace with small children.I had no sooner sat down when Heidi grabbed a can of Lysol and maced herself in the face with it!Gah!I pulled my pants up quickly and ran her to the sink and flushed her eyes with cold water,this only angered her off more so her screams were ear piercing at this point and all I could think was man I wish I could just tap my heels (or in this case ballet flats) together and take us home instantly. I couldnt get out of there fast enough.Heidi seemed fine so I went up to the counter with her to pay,put her down and she starts to walk off as Im givng Jan my card and one of the vendors that has been talking to Jan in this REALLY shitty tone tells Heidi "YOU need to have your hand held in THIS store I dont know what youre thinking".

I think I go on mother bear over drive sometimes cause I found myself actually raising my arm back like I was going to deck this woman.Instead I shot her the look of death and picked Heidi back up and signed my sales slip and wished Jan a good day.The bitchy vendor as Im walking out the door about to turn around to grab the stroller pushes it out the door for me,um thanks I get the message lady.Part of me really regrets not saying anything to her but I just wanted to get out of there and get Heidi home asap and I just could not believe this woman was trying to make the situation just that much harder on me.I stayed calm though and handled it well.We got outside and Heidi is sniffling at this point and snuggling into my neck.I looked up to see the uber bitch staring at me and instead of telling her what a wretched cunt I thought she was decided to opt for the passive aggressive approach and tell Heidi loudly "aw did that mean old woman scare you?Its ok Baby,she's not very nice I know".Yeah she heard me and yes I will be giving Jan an earful about that vendor next time Im in the store!

I had no sooner put Heidi into her stroller when she looked up at me with her tear stained face,smiled and promptly passed out.She napped for 2 hours and awoke back to her sweet as a peach self,aw the amazing emotional roller coaster that is a toddler.Well,I have a doctors appointment in the morning so I should get some sleep.Another ultrasound so fingers crossed its still a boy!I know my husband will probably cry if he finds the nurse was mistaken... we'd love another daughter all the same but in a way it would be like loosing a child since we've planned so much around having a boy this time.I always fret about these things,I remember with Heidi I asked them with every ultrasound "its still a girl yes?!" ... perhaps Id just heard too many horror stories of women buying all this stuff thinking they were having one gender and only to find out near the end that the doctors were mistaken!I just dont ever want that to happen to me.


  1. Yeah, My thrifting life was over when I had baby 2.
    even now that they are older. I dont DONT take 2 kids to the antique malls by myself. even though my dear friend owns it.
    Even with Tim there its a Pain... and august tries to play with all the vintage toys.

    yesterday I only had Margaux, and she clawed me and screamed all morning at the vintage shop I drove over an hour to get to. I had to turn around and drive home. crying.

    arghhh. kids and trifting is hard.
    I am scared of estate sale season this year, I dont think I will be able to take both kids. it sucks.

  2. Yeah everyone tells me to go to the auctions here and they are so awesome but I dont know how well a toddler wouldd o there so I havent dared.Ah I would seriously kill to have my mom or mother in law live in the same state as us.

  3. I think you handled the situation very well.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is still a boy!

  4. Thanks!Trust me Im far from being one of those parents that just lets their kids run around or ignore them when they act up I was trying to remedy the situation quickly I just was so blown away that the woman was being such a royal bitch about it!

    Oh and no ultrasound =(
    Turns out our insurance will only cover one and we cant afford to pay for one when its not needed so yeah fingers crossed,haha!

  5. I really dislike superior people who do stuff like that.

    Usually they've never had children or have some memory lapse that allows them to believe their children never got tired.

    I think you handled it very well too.

    I have nightmares about taking the two year old twins I watch to antique stores. They nearly demolished a computer repair shop just because they kept tripping over everything. :P

  6. Yeah this woman struck me as the type that probably never had children.Kids get tired and act bratty sometimes it can't be avoided.If a parent is handling the situation I do NOT see what the heck she thought she was doing by jumping in with her snarky comment. Gah twins!Double trouble,haha!

  7. Wow, I really respect and admire mothers. It HAS to be the hardest job EVER. I am just getting adjusted (happily so) to my life as a 1955 housewife, I am sure with a child it would be 1 million times harder. Good, job, though, as we do need people to make wonderful adults for the future!

  8. So much sympathy for you coming from my corner over here! I tried taking my girls into this neat antique mall I'd been wanting to check out...and got to spend all of 5 minutes before leaving in a hurry before something got broken. Sorry you had such a nasty lady to make comments at you - some people just do not get it.

    I've gotten an award I want to share with you:

    Sorry it's not retro-cool, but it's what I've got!;)

  9. Thank you!Yeah the only thing I think my husband gripes about now since we had a child it I "don't go all out" like I use to,haha!Trust me Im far from the sweatpants and greasy haired moms you see but at the same time I am guilty of not dressing up like I use to.Having kids has introduced me to a whole new world of vintage too so thats been a very fun thing.

  10. What a doll you are!

    Oh, I feel for ya! Good on you for keeping your cool in the store with the witchy-poo vender lady.
    What I miss is the yard sales since having Nova... having to get him in and out of the carseat is just not worth it.

    Your post about the dolls and your hub is a hoot!
    Welcome to blogland and best wishes with your new babe.