Friday, March 27, 2009

"New" Collections...

I need to start collecting another thing like I need a hole in my head but sometimes I can't help myself.Ive always thought Holt Howard pieces were cute but always much too much out of my price range.For me one of the things that's fun about vintage is getting a good deal so sometimes that limits what I collect but I was shocked to find these Holt Howard pieces that fit my pocket book...eeerrr,more like change purse,hahaha!So since I just started this year I only have these pieces that I picked up a at the start of the year but I thought Id show off the start of this collection.

This first one is the Pixie Ware jelly jar from 1958,I got him for $6.95.The top part I had found at the flea market for $3.00 and searched for the base for Ebay ,which I found cheaply since it was missing the spoon(it's ok I got it,I got it!) for $3.95:

This sugar & cream set is also from 1958.I saw these on Ebay going for 40 something bucks just for one so that made me giggle since I got the set and was like "wow I spent $15.00 for these"... I'm too cheap sometimes I think but hey my husband can't complain about that,or can he?He actually did today about the way I list things.For example I listed a pair of carved bakelite earrings for $9.99,there was another pair on there just like mine but in green listed for $75.00 *shrugs* I like other people to feel like they're getting a good deal too what can I say. I'm a bad business woman that way I suppose.... but anyone back to My Holt Howard pieces:

In other news Ollie's ears are starting to come up!I cant wait for him to have big perky bat ears!He needs the extra cuteness from stopping me from killing him sometimes too!Ha ha!Not really I would never lay a finger on him but oh he made me so made this week.My darling daughter was admiring some vintage pins I had and dropped one on the floor,before I could rescue it Ollie swung by and ran off with it breaking off the pin...oh well I can use it somehow I'm sure.However this was not once but twice this same scenario played out this week!My second pin he did this to was not a sturdy rhinestone and metal pin but a plastic one,it faired much worse.Note to self don't allow Heidi to play with my vintage pins with dog in the room.You're lucky you're cute Ollie,ever so lucky *shakes fist at him*


  1. Ollie is a cutey!
    I think it's cool you keep your items affordable and not sell them at extravagant prices as we so often see.

  2. Thank you!
    Yeah he's a cutie pie and a sweetheart so it makes up for his moments of frustration he can cause.

  3. your doggie dog is too cute. :)

    And, man, let me tell you about collecting TOO MANY things. hahahahahahahahaa

  4. Thanks,he's a good boy for the most part.Bostons we created partially by English bulldogs so they still seem to carry alot of the bully traits and that thinking everything is a toy and chewing it to dust if one of them!

    Yeah I think alot of our husbands out there would appreciate a "my wife's is a vintage nut" support group.

  5. I love Pixie-Ware. I've never bought any, but observed in awe while a friend put together a large collection years ago when it was CRAZY on ebay.

    Your doggie is darling.

  6. thank you!Yeah even though things arent selling like they use to on ebay pixie-ware is still crazy expensive.