Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Items Im Selling...

So besides showing off some vintage goodies I also sell on Ebay,its kept me able to be a stay at home mom which is so important to me.Blame it on being a control freak but I had these kids so I could raise them and the thought of having them in a daycare sends me into a panic attack!Now I love lamps but to control my obession I have to limit myself to only allowing pairs so when this guys partner broke not only was I crushed but decided that I cant keep it and had to sell it


also selling this chartreuse tv lamp:

I love these they're so cute!But I only have one bathroom and already have a set of fish for my bathroom (reason 10gillion and one why I need a house asap!)

a black vinyl purse (inside is red):

this vintage oriental planter figurine:

1951 Jacquin Ceramics Victorian figurine planters:


  1. I love the chalkware fish and the pink and black planters! I've always wanted some chalkware mermaids :(

  2. yeah I found a nice family of mermaids years ago for 9 bucks and stupidly gave them to my roommate cause she loved mermaids so much,damn Im such an awesome friend sometimes,haha!Ive never been able to find another for myself in my price range.