Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day...

There never seems to be enough hours in the day.I can't believe its already past midnight and I still have so much I need to do that it looks like I'll just have to put off till tomorrow.My husband had one of his old army buddies he hadn't seen in 6 years come down and stay with us for the weekend.It was a nice visit.I felt bad though.I really hate our apartment.I lament about it often and besides the fact that it simply will NOT do with Wayland on the way (heck just Heidi's stuff alone really requires a playroom but we someone manage to contain it all in her bedroom,I only know this will be way worse with another kiddo).Its not very fun to have guest when you don't have a guest room for them,I try to be a good hostess but I don't feel like I can do that to the full extent when we cant even offer our guest a little privacy during their stay.

He made due with crashing on the couch but it's hard to keep quite when you have a toddler and a puppy that LOVED him(like Ollie would run into the living room every morning Ryan was here and jump onto his chest and lick his face,ha ha ha!)He took it all in stride though.I try not to stress about the future as it really is out of my hands but if this economy doesn't pick back up soon I might scream.All the lenders that we're all over us 6 months ago when we were entertaining the thought of a house now avoid us like the plague,unless you have perfect credit they want nothing to do with you.Very good isn't good enough anymore.Eh,I'm just sick of renting,blame it on the Irish in my blood but owning land is so important.It's not just a want its a need and I think I get too discouraged when I don't see something I want happening as fast as I'd like.

Well,I suppose I should stop rambling on here when I have a sink full of dishes still awaiting me (those can NOT be put off till tomorrow) and a few things to pack so I can take them to the post office tomorrow.I hope I get everything done early so I have relax time when Heidi takes her nap,I have a list of Hitchcock movies waiting for me to enjoy them.Everything else can be put off till later though I suppose,because as Scarlett once said:

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  1. Chin up lady, right now you're honestly better off renting a larger home than buying. The walls of our current regime will fall under their own weight and everything will get better for all of us :)(I'm still hopeful)