Friday, April 3, 2009

Poor Hubby...

I won't pretend to understand how Ebay works sometimes other than to say its unpredictable at best.I had two vintage walker dolls listed this week and my husband suggested 24 hour auctions because they creeped him out alot,ha ha ha!Well,go figure the one he hates the most DIDN'T sell so I had to re-list it last night but it makes me laugh to think of him having to deal with this doll longer than he wanted.I think what spooked him the most is when I made her walk her head turns left and right.Ok but getting back to the first sentence (sorry I tend to jump around sometimes) so yeah the one I sold here the Ideal Saucy Walker doll:

She is in less than perfect condition (poor girls hair is a fright!) but she STILL sold more than another one that was in the original box!I'm not complaining it's nice to have one of those "that makes no sense" things go in my favor for once.

Here is the Effanbee one that I had to relist:

Just goes to show looks can be deceiving,you'll forgive me for finding so much entertainment in my husbands misery but sincerely its comical to see a big guy that's heavily tattooed,has jumped out of airplanes fearlessly and a whole other list of general badassery be disturbed by a doll!As much as I need to money so I hope she sells an evil tiny part of me wishes she doesn't so I'll just keep for Heidi to play with when she's a little older,the thought of Heidi forcing Papa to have a tea party with her and that doll makes me giggle.


  1. ebay is so weird.
    make sure those dolls dont have tattoos!

  2. It is indeed.
    Oh and haahaha I know people may not buy them!Pfft!I can't believe that lady fired you from that modeling job,you were way cuter than any of the other models.Trust me it wasnt your tattoos that made people not buy her dresses it was the fact that they were way too expensive,especially since hello we're in a recession!

  3. Haha, my husband is the same exact way. He also hates head vases.

  4. Er, not the ebay lady you were just modeling for?

    I bought a coat from her after following your link to her auctions!

    I think that second doll has the cutest face! And I cant ever understand why people buy what they buy and what they dont on ebay. It never seems to make any sense!

  5. Yeah ebay kinda kills me sometimes.
    Oh and I know I so cant believe that lady fired her,grrr!