Tuesday, April 28, 2009

98 Days to Go..

I am 26 weeks pregnant now.If Wayland should come on time I have 98 days to go!Hooray for getting under the 100 day mark!I had a doctors appointment today which was pretty routine.Heartbeat was good and even though I've gone for an hour walk everyday I still gained 6 pounds this month!Doh!Darn carbs I blame you for this *shakes fist at those delicious,delicious carbs*

I know every pregnancy is different but this time around I am having horrible back pain.I know boys you carry lower so maybe that's it?The extra weight on my belly my poor back is compensating for.I asked the doctor and he gave me a copy of some exercises I could do to help and even agreed that yes I've got a lot of belly to work with right now.My hubby thinks I'm carrying bigger than I was with Heidi too.All and all it's a small price to pay for bringing life into the world but at the same time it's not fun to wake up feeling like you're 85 years old when you're only 27.Aw well just 98 more days to go.

In other baby related news I keep finding these darling vintage lamb tiles!Too bad I didn't have these when Heidi was still a wee baby.She's still my baby but she's a toddler now too so I try not to get all carried away with things that in a year from now she'll be telling me is baby stuff and she doesn't want it in her room.And of course they're FAR too girly to use for Wayland so I put them up in my Etsy store if anyone is interested!


  1. Oh, how cute! In my country there is no way you can find those kind of vintage beauties..

  2. they're so cute! If I wasn't so cramped for space I'd keep them for sure.

  3. These are too cute. And with your good eye and style, I'm sure you'll find something equally as cute for Wayland!
    Go grab an award from my blog if you like :)