Sunday, April 19, 2009

Didn't Quite Work Out....

Incase you missed it the $15.00 chenille bedspread I wanted for Heidi at the antique mall was gone when I finally had the money to go get it. I've been pouting as to what I wanted to do till I could find another one in my price range.I remembered a salmon pink one I had stashed away (yes,I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder,not in the 10 tons of trash in my house creepy way but as in any and all closets in my home are stacked to the brim and then some).Well,as the title of this blog gives away it DOESN'T work for me.I need a pink,a true pink and this one is a salmon pink,darling all the same but too much red for her curtains and lamps.Since it's wasting space I don't have I've opted to sell it and hopefully can use the money towards another one for her room. Here are the lamps and the drapes I have in her room so you can see how they don't really work with this bedspread:

The drapes I found on Ebay and by my relentless hunting found one pair and then another so I was able to have the 4 drapes I needed to cover her 2 windows.The lamps I *shock!Gasp!Horror!* found in a dumpster!One works and the other needs to be rewired due to the fact that the plug has a crack in it and I wouldn't dare try to plug it in "as is".I should rewire both for safety purposes I just haven't gotten around to it and I found them oh geez MONTHS ago.

Here is the bedspread if anyone is in the market for some lovely chenille in the wedding rings pattern,its for a Full size bed.*deco*dame


  1. Thanks!The only issue is one pair is made for the rod to slide through and the other is the kind you need the hooks for so one of these days I really need to get off my butt and alter the other ones into rod pocket style too.

  2. The shop was closed yesterday, but I'll be seeing the guy either Wed. or Sat. I'm sure the items are still there, I think I'm the only customer he has. lol. I'll keep you updated :)

  3. cool thanks,not a huge hurry Im too broke to buy anything RIGHT NOW anyway,haha!

  4. Sigh, all those lovely American vintage stuff.