Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bakelite & Art Deco!Oh My!

I listed these the other night on Ebay if anyone is interested!*deco*dame

carved bakelite dangle pin:

art deco manicure tool:

and to the Etsy sellers any advice for promoting your stuff?I'm sure things don't move as fast as Ebay but I could really use some sales fast so any tips would be much appreciated!
Oh and in "go figure" news,this lady who had a bunch of vintage items she wanted to sell me that I've been waiting for over a month to call me finally did yesterday,gggrr!She had to call the one week I'm broke as a joke,such my luck!Hahaha!


  1. I didn't have much success with Etsy, it seems more people browse than buy and there are just too many shops! However, that was just me, my husband seems to do better on Etsy ( and than Ebay (but then again he hangs his items from my boobs for his displays!)lol...

  2. promotingon your blog, and in the etsy forums works.
    and relisting or listing something new each day is key.. that keeps people coming to your shop.

  3. that manicure tool is amazing! Last time I went to an art deco fair I forgot my purse (fool i know) There was an amazing letter opener there made of ivory and the top was carved into camels in a desert. It was £4 -at the time about $8 - now about $5. Live and learn i guess

  4. Berlin:Well right now Ebay isnt giving me any luck right now either,I don't know if its really just a bad economy or if my things are marketed for TOO small a market of people.

    Atomic Mama: I've been hustling and so far still no luck =(

    Super Beck:Gads I know!I love it and if it was a set I'd keep it but if I collect odds and ends pieces my hoarding gets out of control,haha!

  5. :( the economy sucks, I know...
    Hence the reason for nationwide Tea Parties! :)