Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aw,My Little Girl...

Funny how I complained that the full was so small for my husband and I...well Heidi officially has her big girl bed!We set it up today and it looks huge now with just little ole her in it!So tonight is my litte ones first night in a big girl bed!Which also means I need to get to sleep.I catnapped on the couch for an hour before the hubby left for work tonight and as he woke me up to wish me good night and point my sleepy butt towards the room (since the couch murders my back) my house wife alarm went off that the dish washer needed to be run so I unfortunatly caught my second wind as I rinsed the sink full of dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher.But still I need to force myself back to sleep as there is no longer a crib to contain my wild child and I need to be refreshed should she decided that she wants to get up earlier than normal.

I keep checking on her and she's done well about staying in one spot,she's closet to the wall but I still would feel awful if she rolled out of bed,it's a big step since we totally skipped the toddler bed stage.I need to get her a bedspread tomorrow since she's using the one we had and black is just a little morbid for a little girl.Our bed is freaking huge!We're going rough it and hopefully tomorrow I can find affordable sheets and other bedding for it.It was free so I shouldn't complain but the joys of being a woman is I can and do find fault with everything and my gripe is there's no bed frame.I looked on Craig's List and so far the cheapest Ive been able to find for a king frame is $50.00,ouch unfortunately that's $50.00 don't have.Oh well,its something I want to fix soon but it's not totally horrible without.There is something that just drives me nuts about beds on the floor though...maybe it reminds me too much of my gutter punk youth and screams "flop house" to me.The grown-up in me demands a bed frame!

I spent entirely too long trying to organize Heidi's room since we still have the crib too,either way I did it I still came to the same conclusion:Much too crowded!With things going the way they are financially I am started to go into panic attack mode that we may be stuck having to renew our lease here for another year and Heidi will have to share a room with Wayland when he comes!Oh nooooooo!Still I'm hoping for a miracle and that will not be the case.Maybe it sounds silly but one of the many joys is setting up for the new baby and I hate not being able to do that for Wayland.Especially since Heidi's room is girl city,vintage ballerina and pink galore everywhere so its no place for a little boy,especially since I wanted to do a western theme in his room,I just don't have a room,grrrr!Definitely one of those times in life where you're just like "man,where is the rich distant relative that's suppose to die and leave me all their money?!"Hahaha!


  1. I have no bed frame either....well, actually I have the frame but with a box spring and pillow top mattress I need a step ladder to get into the bed!!

  2. see but you have a fancy headboard so you still look civilized.

  3. my kids have to hare a room, and have for a year now.
    it sucks prettybad.. and our house was built in the 30s so the rooms are TINY.
    but.. it works.. and someday soon we should have a bigger house and it will be ok.
    keep your head up darling. its all going to work out in the end.

    just be a good person, and help when you can and show people love. it will all work out for you.
    you just gotta believe it will.

  4. Thank you.Yeah my biggest complain about where we live is we live on the top floor so taking the kid up and downstairs is a pain and now the thought of trying to balance a newborn freaks me out.

  5. I remember when my boy got his first "big guy" bed... I got up every five minutes to make sure he hadn't rolled off or wandered away!
    Have you tried posting stuff up for barter on Craigslist? It's worth a shot, try it.