Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Fly...

April Showers is definitely living up to its name here and I can't stand it.Indiana summers are no fun (too humid for the likes of me) so I cherish every second of Spring.This morning we had snow!Ew no!Luckily it didn't stick but its cold and I dislike it,I want yard sale season to begin stat!
If nothing else there is always a lovely box of records someone is ready to give away for pennies.Jan the last time I was at the antique mall had a stack of some a lady had dropped off to see if she wanted and she let me help myself to alot of them for free!Woo hoo free stuff!

The sad thing is I still collect records like mad even though I haven't had a record player in 5 years now!Something I really need to remedy it makes me so sad to look at my collection and not be able to hear it.In a sub-category collection I'm obsessive about European music,whenever I find an album I snatch it up.I have a ton from Spain and Germany and a few from Switzterland,Norway,Italy and Scotland.My goal is to have at least one from each country and luckily I found one from France and Ireland in that pile.The cover art is always the best part too,I need to get some record frames.One that I grabbed out of the pile was the soundtrack to Shaft!It made me laugh to myself, I think the old blaxploitation films of the 70's are fantastically silly.I listed it on Ebay for cheap and its selling so Im glad it's going to a good home out there,I know if I had left it at Jan's store it probably would have wasted away.


  1. I collect vinyl as well, and bulky victrolas that use needles as thick as nails. Free is always the best I say!