Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm So Bad..

Eeeee!It's hard to love vintage AND sell it sometimes,ESPECIALLY when you find something that is in your size too!Well,your size when you're actually you and not you plus one (Im sort of shocked by how big my stomach is already and I'm only at 23 weeks!).I went by the flea market and antique mall today.I stopped by the flea market first to pick up a VERY much needed new pair of Chuck Taylors,they were my size and gently used (top part is brand spanking new,bottoms look like they may have been worn maybe twice at the most) and only $5.00 so as broke as I am I couldnt say no,I gave one of the ladies there some money for what I owed her for selling something for her on Ebay and picked up a bakelite pin I'm going to sell on Ebay tonight...I should sell it on Etsy but I need to to move fast and everything I have on Etsy right now is at a stand still.I'm still very new to the site so Im still getting the hang of it.

Next I was off to the antique mall to pick up that chenille bedspread I wanted for Heidi's room,go figure it was gone!Grrr!Since Heidi was left at home with the hubby on my outting I decided to use this "just me" time and slowly browse to my hearts content.I looked around one of my favorite booths when I noticed this little beauty:

Now the thing is I know I should sell it because one I need the money and two I got it for a steal so the profit I'd make if I did sell it would be awesome BUT I can't bring myself to do it.I already have this one:

So I should sell one you would think,especially since I'm not due till August 4th so I'll totally be missing bathing suit attire functions anyway..Maybe if I get desperate enough I might....but the lady at the antique mall said the vendor was bringing in a 2 piece soon so if that happens to be as cheap I'll snatch that up and sell it for sure since even before kids I was never a bikini type of gal.I love this one though and if nothing else hanging onto it will only motivate me to loose all my baby weight and get back into shape quickly so I can show it off properly!


  1. OOOOH! Sell me the bikini!! :)
    I have been looking for a 50s 2 piece witha high waist!

    I say, if you need the money, sell the stripe one, I like the blue one better.

  2. I'll let you know when/if I get it,I hope it's affordable like this one was.

    Yeah,I like the blue one better too but I still love them both.

  3. KEEP IT! You'll regret it later if you sell it, money will come some other way you'll see.

  4. Those are adorable.

    I tagged you in my latest blog! Check it out!

  5. I need one of these! I've loved vintage forever, but Katy Perry has really made the vintage one piece bathing suit appeal to me! :)