Friday, April 24, 2009

Oddles of Poodles...

I had some REALLY cute elephant figurines I was going to show off here on my blog but the sales fairy was working overtime for me yesterday and I had my Etsy shop wiped out twice in 24 hours!Amazing!I got some more things listed last night and stayed up way too late doing so.I have a ton of errands to do today and that should be interesting since my body is telling me I over did it yesterday so the idea of walking all over town doesnt seem like a ton of fun but bills need to be paid and packages must be sent off.

Here is a mama poodles with her babies:

and a set of 2 poodles:

and then I need your opinion.... I listed this Reja necklace and bracelet last night:

I listed it at $49.99 which I think is very fair since if you look at what just a single piece of vintage Reja jewelry goes for on Ebay you'd know what I'm saying but at the same time for what I got it for makes me feel guilty,especially since it's such a jump in price compared to the other items in my shop,and I know Etsy and Ebay are totally different and I didnt see any Reja pieces listed on Etsy...I mean I have 4 months for it sell at that price and if it doesnt oh boo hoo I'm out 20 cents but I'd rather have a sale over it...I suppose I believe in the phrase "it's better to make a fast dime than a slow quarter" a little too much,my hubby is forever griping at me for selling things too cheap but I still like people to feel like they're getting a good deal.Do you think it's a fair price or should I go down?Or Up?


  1. It's a fair price. You sell to make a profit, and actually this price is still far cheaper than any other pieces. Kudos to you for being affordable and fair :)

  2. I guess so cause it and everything else is my shop is sold out again!Woohoo!I can't keep it stocked fast enough.