Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheers & Jeers!

Yeah to waking up this morning and finding my entire Etsy shop licked clean!Every item sold!Woo hoo!Given I only had 22 items which isn't a lot compare to many other sellers but still I am impressed.It also means I should really get off my butt and go to the post office and hit up my favorite haunts to restock.

Jeers to this apartment complex.I was up till 2:30am because of the loud ghetto trash woman that was not only just being loud but blaring rap music...given any type of music at this late at night (especially on a Wed.!) is unacceptable but just to make it a tad worse it had to be my LEAST favorite genre of music,no offense if you like that stuff but it's not my cup of tea.Not to mention she has entirely too many children living in a 2 bedroom apartment so I felt bad for them.I complained to my office this morning and she will be given a warning,next time she's gone.AND she isn't in my building!She's catty corner to me across the parking lot and I could still hear her even with my widow shut!YET another reason I hope I can save up some money and get us out of here.I'd much rather blog about how cute my place is instead of griping about where I live *le sigh* soon I hope,soon.

Also big FAT jeers to Ebay!The bathing suit I listed on there I had stated as "payment due within 24 hours...guess who hasn't paid STILL!Between the way the treat their sellers and the unfortunate luck I've had with horrid "buyers" on there I will only be selling on there if it's something not allowed on Etsy.I knew I should have just listed the suit on Etsy but I thought "oh it will move faster on Ebay,dumb,dumb,dumb.Oh well,live and learn.I just wish she would respond .

On and cheers to Ollie's ears almost being up!They still fall but they're starting to stay up more and more.Eek!Those gloriously cute huge bat ears!He is exactly 4 months old today!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed by your Etsy sales - any words of wisdom re. teams, networking, marketing for us newbies?

    Bah to Ebay!

    We were kept up by our lousy neighbors, too, last night. Perfect neighborhood, except for them.

    Ollie is sooooo adorable!

  2. Cheers for the sales fairy!! What size is that suit? lol, seriously, convo me if she never pays up :)

  3. there always has to be at least one it seems *shakes fist at all the bad neighbors of the world.

    Well,I don't know I just had really good luck with some people on my Myspace relisting for me last night and all of them have HUGE friends lists so I got some exposure that was so needed!My hubby was out of work this week so this sort of makes up for the plant being shut down.

  4. Congrats on you sales! Good for you :) You have such a great eye finding true vintage stuff it's no wonder everything sold as quick as it did :)
    I've been sick so I've yet to go to the shop. I'll let you know once I do what the price on the items are.

  5. ollie is gorgeous!and i'm already loving reading your blog,your etsy store sounds awesome,will have to take a look x