Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Is No Retard..

Gah!The internet makes me feel so stupid sometimes!My love relationship with Ebay has turned into a love/hate with more times than not leaning towards hate.I don't like the new rules and the sellers get treated like garbage!So since there is an ever growing vintage population on Etsy I decided to test my feet in those waters.

The other night I tried and tried to validate my card and it wouldn't let me!I was getting so frustrated and of course when you ask for help you get stuck with some generic response that does NOT answer the question.Turns out it was something as simple as when I entered my phone number (which HAS to match what your bank has on record) I was doing it as xxx-xxx-xxxx when it turns out I needed to be writing it in as (xxx)xxx-xxxx,dumb,dumb,dumb!

So yeah for that being fixed and boo and hiss for it making me feel like a epic retard for those 2 days where I couldn't figure it out and was getting very frustrated.I wont' be abandoning Ebay completely but they sure won't be getting as much of my business.I'm sick of paying about $100.00 in sellers fees and having deadbeat bidders that I have to hunt down and that waste my time.Hopefully Etsy doesn't go down the crapper ever like Ebay has.And HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* I do a little better business on there.This economy is making it just THAT much harder to be a stay at home mom but I won't,can't,shant put my kids in daycare ever so instead I jump through hoops so I'm the one thats there for them.


  1. I prefer Etsy to Ebay also. I mean 20 cents to list an item? Can't beat that.

    I listed a skirt on Ebay not too long ago and after it sold (for a whopping $19.99 sigh) I did the math. After the cost of the item, the Ebay fees, the Paypal fees and the overage on shipping I had to pay so I didn't get dinged on stars by picky buyers I made THREE DOLLARS profit!!!

    I'd recommend having a link from here and My Space to get people to Etsy though. Stuff does seem to sit there longer than it does on Ebay. I had stuff on Etsy for two weeks and then listed it on Ebay and more than half the BIN's sold within a day!

    Good luck! Sorry I'm so rambly today :D

  2. Yeah everyone Ive talked to says they prefer Etsy to Ebay. Ebay does move things faster but the nickle and dime you to death!

  3. Never did Ebay (my sister did), started Etsy last month, and it seems soooo much more friendly. I think the reason things don't sell as fast there, is people just don't know about it! I try to tell people and really talk it up. I think it's going to get bigger.

    Trixie - I just sold my first item, and I think I made a dollar profit! :)

  4. Its So funny, because for days I wanted to message you and be like. MOVE to etsy. do it.

    but then I was like.. oh she would think I am being bossy so I didnt say anything.
    i am glad you made the switch. make sure to hit the "who loves vintage" section in the forums!!!
    I promote there nightly!

  5. the only thing I can say. its on etsy you need more than one picture :) it helps a lot!