Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My husband and I had a lovely pillowtop queen bed when we lived in California,it was one of the many things that was left behind when we decided to blow that popsicle stand and make roots in the mid-west.Since then we have been sleeping on a full...which is fine if it's just you.However,with a large man,a woman with an ever growing belly,a dog and a sometimes toddler who likes to sneak in there when she can it so beyond doesn't work it boggles the mind.

Well,it looks like Thursday due to a friend moving back in with his wife(hooray for that) we'll be taking his king size bed off his hands (yeah!).Ok so it's not new but I can live with that,one day we'll have a super fancy brand spanking new bed again but till then I'm just happy to be moving on up!Which means Heidi will now inherit the full..oh dear am I ready for her to be in a big girl bed?

It's a little stressful too cause if her room was not crowded enough as is NOW we get to squeeze a bed in there.Dear Gods we need a bigger place so I can start setting up Wayland's room I hate this!One the plus side time to shop for new bedding!There is a really cute pink chenille bedspread for only $15.00 at the antique mall that I'll get for Heidi,I have no idea what we're going to do with our room yet...I need to ask my husband again if it was a king or a CA king...if its a regular king I can find something vintage for it which would be nice.More importantly I need money to do all this so let me throw in a shameless plug here,ha ha! A few things I listed last night:

vintage California souvenir apron:

vintage Hong Kong purse:

PunkRose ballet flats:

Hmm..oh in other news I tried to sign up to sell on Etsy and gah that was a big fail!For some reason it wouldn't let me validate my credit card even though I double checked and all my information was correct.I had to contact customer serivce and haven't heard back yet,I hope we can figure it out I need another outlet other than Ebay,its just too expenisve to list like I do and there is a big enough vintage community on Etsy that I don't feel as bad as I use to about trying to sell on there since it's marketed as a "hand made" place.


  1. we bought a brand spankin new full.
    and its tiny!

  2. I have a queen pillow top that I LOVE but my son climbs into bed with us every night and that bed feels too cramped for us with my big belly! I wish I had a king!

  3. Eeek!Yeah beds are insanely expensive!We got our queen at some mattress blow out for 600 bucks and I'll never get that good of a deal for something that good a quality again.

  4. i am going to stalk the shit out of you. everything art deco is my deco. LOVE IT>