Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Do We Crucify Ourselves...

First off a big thank you to my pal Jamy for hooking a gal up with yet another lovely piece of art.Secondly I got this tattoo knowing I'd have to explain it a lot.It is after all a crucified pregnant lady,I don't think it's as morbid as it sounds but may not sit right with some crowds.Don't question my art is something I find myself thinking often but I don't mind explaining it so ready?Here we go!

I love tattoos and I believe you should always get something that means something to you,you're less likely to regret it one day if it has meaning to you versus getting a piece of flash off a wall.I've been judged often all through out my life.From my upbringing,my fashion sense,my taste in music,my politics,my faith and I've taken it all in stride I think.But NOTHING could prepare me for the judgment I would receive when I became a mother.

Now there is a certain martyrdom that comes with motherhood.Humans are selfish by nature and we have to let that part of us die when we become mothers,or at least if we want to be a decent one.It's no longer about all about us.That's part of of the symbolism behind my tattoo.

The second and larger part is the constant ridicule we put ourselves under for the love of our children.We as a society crucify mothers for our choices we make for our children.Bottle fed vs. Breast,cloth vs. disposable diapers,to vaccinate or not and so on and so forth.When our perfect little angels act the fool in public you'll often find instead of a sympathetic nod and smile of "hey I've been there before" you're often met with heads being shaken in disgust and a scowl.Constant judgment.

So for me this symbolizes all that and is a reminder that I'm not a perfect mother but I'm a darn good one.At first glance we may not fit in the norm of society but my children are smart,well cared for and truly loved and it's ok for people to assume whatever they want about me because it doesn't change the fact that I'm doing a good job.Also it's a reminder for me (who is a mother that cloth diapers,breastfeeds and chooses green vaccines) that my way is just that,mine and not to crucify another mom for what she does with hers.The saying that it takes a village to raise a child seems lost now a days.I want to be supportive,I don't know why as women we feel the need to tear each other down.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Have a Cuppa Tea...

I am a coffee in the morning and tea at night type of gal.Any fan of tea knows the second cup with the tea bag is better than the first but what to do with that tea bag while you're enjoying that first cup?Put it one the counter?No,that stains.Put it on a paper towel?No,that's wasteful.Put it on a plate?Gee,a whole plate for a little ole tea bag?That seems excessive.But no!I have these!

Vintage anthropomorphic items can be expensive and I have looked for this set for honestly going on a decade.Either the price was wrong or the quality but I lucked out last week after years of getting outbid on Ebay or my heart sinking when eying a set at an antique mall only to find a handle repaired or a mismatched set.Now I can save my tea bag till I'm ready for another cup in style.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cherry Cherry,Quite Contrary....

Cherries is a love/hate relationship for me.As a food of course I am a fan but in the sense of fashion its hit or miss.Cherries are adorable but anyone that's into vintage can tell you there is a cheesy aspect to the cherry.Done right=cute,done wrong=me rolling my eyes at some Hot Topic dress (oh I sound like a bit of a vintage snob there I know but hopefully you get what I'm saying).

I have 2 vintage cherry items in my shop that I've been wanting to give some press to so I thought I'd make this post an ode to cherry items I love on Etsy.

retro 80's rockabilly revival deadstock cherry print dress

1960's Sarah Coventry Golden Cherries Jewelry Set

Set of 5 Cocktail Party Invitations

vintage bakelite cherries brooch
vintage bakelite cherries necklace
vintage bakelite heart with dangling cherries

1960's cherry print blouse

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boston Terrorist...

I'm sure you're reading the title and looking at the picture of dear sweet Ollie von Frankenfurter and thinking "didn't you mean terrier?" but if you have a Boston you are nodding your head in agreement that that little darlings are indeed terrors.

Ollie likes burrowing,Romain lettuce,peanut butter,sunbathing,pulling squeakers out of his toys,running till he simply can go no more,talking,cleaning the babies face after meals and acting like a tough guy in front of MUCH bigger dogs (I think he has a Napoleon complex).

Ollie dislikes the neighbors,birds,the vacuum,getting his nails trimmed,baths,crab cakes,when my daughter treats him like a pony (sigh but he's a good sport about it) and whines and shakes when the baby cries.

Bostons have a lot of love to give and a LOT of energy.Ollie was my Valentines present last year (hey my hubs has done darn good the last 2 years on V-Day!).Anyone that has a Boston and loves vintage probably has tried to collect a few vintage Boston Terrier items too.The Boston has a big fan base though as collectibles are expensive!So imagine my utter joy when I came across this Boston planter while treasure hunting earlier this week for only $1.25!I'm going to plant a little cactus in him but I think I'll wait till we move since moving with houseplants is a pain....wait can I find a cactus in Alaska?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to Me!

My husbands not a romantic guy and I'm ok with that.He's pretty anti-commercialism too so for these types of holidays I don't expect much but I never get a chance to peg my guy a square as he does have a trick up his sleeve every now and then to keep me on my toes.

I HAD a blond 1950's desk that I loved and was slightly pissed when he offered it to a friend but I am too polite to make a stink and say "no" when he made the offer,I just sat there glaring at my hubby for offering away my desk.I loved my desk and that was my work station!Little did I know his plan was to surprise me with this lovely dinette with 6 chair and a HP Notebook in red for Valentines day!

Unfortunately our place is really small so one thing had to go in order for another to come in.The table of course so we can sit down as a family again like civilized folk and the lap top so I can hang out with him on the couch or in bed and work,aw he's so sweet sometimes.My plan when we have a place with a real kitchen again is to have an aqua and red kitchen so I'm happy he remembered that and bought accordingly.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the Winner Is....

First off a big thank you to everyone that entered and is following me.I'm almost at 200 followers so another great giveaway is just around the corner!Between not finding a pen,the one pen I found being half dead,a teething baby and my computer telling me NOT asking me that is was going to do a long line of updates waking up early to get this post done didn't go as smoothly as I planned.

But I did manage to write everyone's name down,drop them into my Vernon Ware Heavenly Days gravy boat and pull out...Solanah!Congrats lady,I'll be emailing you in a minute to get your address and send these beauties off to their new home!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Me?For Free!

My mother in law is in from California this week visiting us and finally getting to meet her grandson who is a whopping 6 months already,wow where does the time go?I'm fortunate that I have a good relationship with my mother in law as I often hear so many stories of "monster in laws".

She is an overall sweet lady and was kind enough to bring a few vintage items for me for my Etsy shop!One of the items I can't bring myself to part with and its this 1940's Corde purse that has a matching wallet.

The lucite closure on it is darling too.

She brought me a darling 1930s apron and some hankies that I need to iron before they make their way to my shop .I need another purse like I need a hole in my head but I just couldn't help myself,I mean when else am I going to have something so cute show up in my life for free?!

Also don't forget about my give away a few posts back!It is almost Valentines and I'll be doing the raffle soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Got the Blues....

Eh,winter not my favorite season.I like it for about 2 months and then I am praying for Spring.It's not uncommon to get the winter blues from what I hear and I am definitely feeling them,plus getting a little stir crazy being cooped up inside with the kids,especially a very active toddler who yells at the snow for not letting her go to the park.

I decided to do a treasury on Etsy for my winter blues but for those of you that have ever done a treasury I'm sure you can relate that they are frustrating!For those of you that haven't tried let me explain that there is a small opening for you to make one and try to get in.I was watching for the list to go below 222 so I could get in but when I refreshed the page(as I had done for about an hour)it jumped up from 222 to 459!So I gave up and did a collage in my photobucket account and since I just dont have the patience for trying to get it in on Etsy I'll show it off on my blog.

The only down fall is you cant click on the picture to be directed to the etsy listing so I will do a quick run down to give credit where credit is due,you can just click on the names of the item to be directed to the listing.

First Row (left to right)
vanilla perfume
peacock perfume bottles
earrings (grr go figure I cant find the listing now!)

Second Row

Third Row
ring (shameless self promotion I know I'm bad)

50's dress

Fourth Row
cameo pendant
silk dress
mens shirt

Hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.Looking at pretty things always brightens my day up a bit.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Next Stop Alaska...

My lease is up at the end of May and my family and I will be pulling up roots and replanting in Alaska!Yep,Alaska.I am nervous and excited.Perhaps silly but nervous not so much for the move but I've heard there is a lack of vintage and since I live,eat and sleep vintage the thought of living somewhere that doesn't have it freaks me out.Hopefully the vintage gods wont forsake me.My move has got me really clearing out the clutter and trying to list as much as I can in my Etsy shop.1 for less to move and 2 to have money to fund this trip which is only in a few months.All this moving has Alaska on my mind so I thought I'd share some cute vintage Alaska items I was window shopping on Etsy.

50's Alaska Novelty Dress

40's Alaska souvenir tablecloth

60's Alaska charm bracelet

vintage souvenir tray

Friday, February 5, 2010

C is For Cookie...

I thought on this post I would share my beloved cookie jar with you all.I use to have a really cute poodle cookie jar that I sold regretfully because my hubby said it creeped him out(apparently overly cute items men find frightening *shrugs* who new...maybe this is why some guys are scared of babies?).So I went without one for a few years until I found this one last year for get this $3.00!It was up to par in the cuteness department like my old one but sans the creeping out my hubby part.

I love the little kitty on top,she looks so mischievous like she's going to pounce on your hand and steal your cookie once you grab it out of the jar.