Friday, December 2, 2011

Winners,Washer and Dryer Woes and Sales...

Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway!And to all the new followers I gained while doing this "hello"*waves spastically *.The lucky duck for this giveaway is the ever so adorable Vintage Chinchilla!Please leave me your address in a comment (don't worry I won't publish it just erase it after I've written it down) and I can send you off your goodies!

As much as I'm loving my new home and making it my own my one lament is that it didn't come with a washer and dryer.My best advice to anyone buying a home is make sure you have a few grand saved for fix it ups and things you need.We spent all our money just getting into the place leaving nada for anything else.I don't drive which means my husband has been taking the laundry to the laundry mat.

I love my husband and he's a great guy but..well...laundry is just NOT his strong point.I know some of you fellas are perfectly competent in doing laundry but my hubs is not on of them.Clothes come back damp,unfolded and wrinkled.Its killing me.Oh and in the almost 3 weeks I've been back he's gone once.And he only look one load!Hahaha!I feel like a brat complaining.The poor guy works all the time and I know his days off don't want to be spent at a laundry mat which is why I hope I can get the laundry duties back in my hands again.

How amazing would it be to have this pink washer and dryer?!No,I'm not looking for a vintage washer and dryer but boy are they pretty to look at!No,what I need is just a low priced set in plain ole white with one of those fancy "energy star" stickers on them would do just fine.

My saving for a washer and dryer fund has been slow going.I thought I'd do a sale in my Etsy Shop since I didn't do one for black Friday/cyber Monday like a lot of other etsy sellers did and help it grow a little quicker hopefully.This sale is a short one.Its on now until Saturday Dec.3rd at 11pm CT.If you'd like to save 20% on something you had your eye on there is now time like the present.