Saturday, November 3, 2012

Killing Time...

My daughter was invited to one of her friends birthday parties today.While she celebrated her friends day of birth my son,a gal pal,and her son killed time around town thrifting.Today was a true test of thriftiness as once again  I found myself shopping with pocket change.But hey,I'm really good at that and even I amaze myself with what  I can get with next to nothing.Before I show you what I got let me show you what I couldn't have that was teasing me.

Like this couch!Do I need one?No,that doesn't stop be from wanting it though!
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This shadow box has haunted me for months,its $45 so I could probably talk him down but I want to actually have $45 to blow before I get up the nerve to ask.

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This set needed a good cleaning but was still pretty cool.

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Love the glitter fleck in the chairs.
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I didn't see a tag on this one and I didn't want to ask because if it was cheap it would just make me that much more depressed that I couldn't snatch it up.I have to tell you as a vintage loving mama these things are great as toy boxes or if you want an ottoman that will store the kids toys they drag into the living room throughout the day that don't ever make themselves back into the sure,you picked it up and put it away but the next day there it is again.

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So what did I get with my pocket change?If you follow me on Instagram you already say the sweet Jo Ann Campbell record I scored for 15 cents.My other sweet score?A set of 4 dessert plates,4 saucers,and 4 cups in the blue heaven pattern.You know what my favorite thing is when I see this pattern in thrift stores?Besides that fact that I actually like the pattern I like that Fats Domino "My Blue Heaven" automatically starts playing in my head!So with that playing in my head I wasn't even embarrassed about counting out $6.00 in change (in my defense they're were quarters) to pay for my blue heaven pieces.
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That is how it goes in the thrift world.When you don't have a lot to work with you always see a lot of cool things and watch when I go back with money to blow I won't find a thing.Vintage gods are cruel like that sometimes,haha!3pm rolled around and it was time to go back to pick my daughter up from her friends house.Happy to report she had a good time and so did I while I was killing time.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween...

This is the first year I didn't get dressed up or do anything fun with my makeup for Halloween.It was very much a "for the kids" event.They were brave candy hunters this year as it was only in the low 30's when we went out.Our pumpkin we had carved a few weeks prior did not survive the squirrels and I felt bad for our neighbors that the deer had gotten brave enough to knock their pumpkins down from their porch and onto the lawn to devour.

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My son knew from the moment we stepped outside that he wanted his hoody on.I was proud of him for staying dedicated to the outfit.Even though the eye patch elastic kept sliding down over his uncovered eye and his hat he kept pushing down till it bent his ears he kept saying it was fine and he didn't need to stop and fix it.

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My daughter was a little TOO dedicated to her princess role and refused to wear a coat.Even though I had a fancy vintage one for her.By 5:30pm the cold was too much though and we called it a night.My street didn't have too many trick or treaters so there was still a handful of candy in the bowl I had put out for kids that stopped by our house while we were out.
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Can you all believe its November now?This year went by too fast!Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!