Saturday, June 29, 2013

Birthday Sale...

My husband is having a birthday tomorrow so I've put my etsy shop on  25% off until late Sunday night!I don't think we'll be doing anything big,my guy is a bit of a Scrooge about holidays,birthdays,and especially HIS birthday.But I got him a cake and he's going to be tormented through a round of "Happy Birthday" from the kids and myself all the same.I understand his disdain for these things because he feels commercialism has replaced the idea of what holidays and celebrations should really be about,enjoying time with friends and family.Pretty sure though if I could afford to get him a Harley and drum set he'd be to the moon and back happy.What about you guys?Are your birthdays a big to do or is it just another day?

 vintage brown moon necklace doctors purse 1960s Mad Men

vintage 1960s red purse plaid jumper dress lucite earrings

vintage glass fruit necklace embroidered yarn purse geisha wood liqoue bottles

 vintage pink dress elephant jewelry 1960s shoes

vintage 1960s green dress mod flower brooch atomic earrings

 vintage silver comedy tragedy earrings jewelry shoes

 vintage 1950s 1960s 1980s black dress shoes rockabilly new wave

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Treat Yo Self...

Shockingly for as much vintage as I buy I don't keep most of it.I did do a fun trade and find a few neat items these past 2 weeks that I thought I'd share here.First I'll share my trade goods I did with one of my instagram pals Darlene.She had her eye on some ballerina wall hangings,a cardigan,and lucite confetti bracelet I had and in return I scored this Bakelite cherry necklace and charm necklace from her!I've coveted the cherries for over a decade but could never justify spending the money on one and was never lucky to stumble across one at an estate or thrift.

bakelite cherries cherry necklace celluloid

The charm necklace is so kitschy cute!
 vintage plastic charm charms necklace

At the antique mall I picked up this Czech glass perfume decanter for $5.00.It'll display pretty in the pink bathroom I hope to one day have.

vintage pink czech permune decanter glass czechoslovakia

I picked up this glass bottle that  I want to fill with pink soap and display in the laundry room.I don't currently have a laundry room,just a damp,dark basement but I'm looking to move into a place by the end of summer as I've got my husband on board with the realization that we've outgrown our current home already.The one I have my eye on has one and yes,I've taken to decorating it in my head already.Which is setting myself up to be disappointed if it doesn't pan out but fingers crossed all the same.
 photo 127906C4-8FD0-4794-816A-521ADB9AE4AD-9906-000013A941FB27AC.jpg

Have you guys picked up anything fun for yourself that past few weeks?