Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunny Days...

Today has been a good day.My daughter didn't come into our room until 9am!Oh my to sleep in like that is a little slice of heaven.I got up,managed our normal morning routine and even got to do 2 listings in my Etsy shop before it was 1pm and decided we shouldn't waste anymore time inside so off to the park we went and not just the little park we walk to but hubby joined in on the fun and drove us to the big park!
This picture is in my daughter's room,taken by my daughter...having a 2 year old take your picture you can't expect too much,this is the only one she could snap without my head not being cut off and go figure its the fuzzy one,haha!Aw well she's learning.
I love that hair band,I got it at my friends antique shop for $3.00!The earrings I also got there for $1.00,they're a sterling silver screw on backings.Shoes I showed off in an earlier post I got off Etsy and they're perfect for park days!So comfy!Cardigan is off Ebay and I just mixed them with modern jeans and a black tank top.It will be nice when I'm not planning a wardrobe around easy access to my breasts for my son to nurse but until then tank tops are a life saver and I have enough vintage to mix it up that I don't feel not like myself.Hopefully my waist will shave some more inches before summer so I can wear my dresses again!Can't wait!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ugh,I'm Bad,I Know...

I am terrible.Here I am trying to downsize the purses I already have and what do I do?I go and buy another one!Bad me because really I don't need it and also bad me because I need to be saving money for our move,NOT spending it.It was $10.00 so I could have done much,much worse in the world of vintage purse prices but I couldn't help myself.I think it's adorable,even after showing it to my husband who eyed it with the usual "I don't understand why you like some of this stuff" expression and oh so eloquently remarked "it looks like he sh*t out the sun",ha!He has a way with words that one.

So now I've put myself on strict no more buying rule but I'm glad I didn't pass it up.I love Enid Collins purses and the old craft purses from the 60's and 70's,which is what this rooster is,a craft project purse.

In other news I'm happy to report my town is finally looking like Spring and not stuck in the dead of winter look.I took the kidlets for an evening stroll yesterday and snapped a few of the pretties around town.

My favorite photo I snapped yesterday by far was this one of an abandoned news stand because I appreciate irony in all its forms:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rings and Things....

I'm not sure about you guys but I love and have a LOT of vintage costume jewelry,it's so fun!I also love vintage jewelry displays to properly show off my massive collection.One thing I do not have a ton of is rings.Blame it on my petite hands but most rings I find,even the adjustable ones are still too big for me.

I am always on the look out for another bracelet,necklace or earrings display but of course go figure I constantly come across ring holders.I came across some fun rings and ring holders recently I thought were too cute to pass up on so I got them for my Etsy shop!

ice blue adjustable sparkling cocktail ring

white flower adjustable ring

cat ring holder
giraffe ring holder
daschund ring holder

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Running Errands...

Today was anything but glamorous.Lots of laundry,deep cleaning and grocery shopping.Add "mommy can't find time to wash her hair" and a scarf set the tone for my wardrobe today,total lazy mode:scarf,jeans,wife beater and Chinese laundry shoes.

Here is little man waking up from his morning nap making the funniest lil face and myself in all my greasy haired glory.
My daughter however put me to shame as she picked out her outfit today.Lucky girl!I have to let her relish this moment in her life.It is a short time frame where you can wear a tutu and butterfly wings and everyone thinks you're adorable and not insane.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well Hello Pretty Kitties...

Saturday was not a good day,I was up late with my son the night before and having my morning start with my daughter pouring water on my head saying "Good Morning Mama!You Happy?!"Um,no not really after that!Oh the little darling she's lucky she's cute sometimes.Add to the mix that my husband has been out of town all week so yep,by Saturday I was feeling burnt out.One of those days I didn't want to leave the house.

As much as I would have loved to have stayed inside and done nothing my daughter wasn't having it and anyone with kids can tell you a bored toddler is a dangerous thing so I gathered up the troops and we went for a walk.Heidi decided she would like a yellow Matchbox car so this was a double win because a vendor at the flea market has a ton still in the boxes for mere pocket change,plus there's always some treasure I can find...normally.Like I said Saturday the world was working against me,even the vintage gods as I could not find anything within my price range until tucked behind an old rocking chair my daughter pointed out "look mama kitty cats!"
I can't even tell you why as I was not in the market for a throw pillow but I was drawn to these cuties so yes home with us they went.So the kitty pillow came home with us,as well as a yellow Matchbox car for Heidi....and a black and white one..and a lime green one...oh and lets not forget ANOTHER red one.I know after her shenanigans from that morning I might sound crazy to later on in the same day get her more cars than you can shake a tail feather at but you try having her bat those long,dark lashes at you and say "no" to her.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

If What They Say is True...

If what they say is true and children are an extension of their parents then it's only natural that my kids should dress in vintage too!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Peasant Tops...

Blame it on my lovely hippie of a mother but I do adore vintage embroidered peasant tops!Mexican,Hungarian doesn't matter.Maybe I'm a lazy vintage wearer sometimes,don't get me wrong I love a form fitting dress and high heels but honestly it's nothing less than silly to try and wear something like that to for example the park when you're chasing an almost 3 year old up and down slides.Those are days I wear jeans but paired with a comfy pair of ballet flats and a vintage top you can still be stylish.

I picked up this Hungarian peasant top in the back of an antique mall a few weeks ago for $6.00,it has a small hole I had to repair but otherwise in good condition.

It almost makes up for this Mexican peasant top which I had gotten for FREE from my wonderful friend Jan the owns an antique shop downtown and regretfully sold almost 2 years ago,so stupid!I know every vintage seller has at least one regret of something they should have kept,this one is definitely one of mine *le sigh*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A $13.00 Outfit...

I grew up in thrift stores,I never cried about it and my mom has a really unique style so it was fun to see what we could find to throw together.It is something that has stuck with me.My husband when we first started dating thought it was really odd and took me to the mall to buy a pair of jeans for me.I started looking at prices,the smallest price tag I could find was $96.00!Embarrassing to admit but I started crying,I couldn't do it!

Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing to invest a small chunk of money into good clothes,my closet has a few of those pieces but I also like to make a game of how cheap I can put something together.Today's outfit I started adding in my head and realized it was only $13.00 total.

The dress I got for $7.00 last time I was in Franklin and my friend Jamy took me to one of the antique stores next to her place.It's still a little tight at the waist for me but as soon as I get rid of the rest of this baby weight it will be perfect.Here is a close up of the pretty detail.

The shoes I got yesterday at the flea market and though they aren't vintage they're vintage style.Looked like they were worn only once,in my size and only $5.00 so how could I not?!

.And this amazing hat:$1.00!Seriously the flea market down the street amazes me sometimes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Funday....

I spent most of this past week dying to get out of the house but was foiled time and time again by rain.Sunday I was met with yet another rainy day but luckily my husband offered to watch our daughter while I strapped our almost too heavy for it son into the baby bjorn,grabbed my umbrella and bag and headed out the door leaving behind a none too happy toddler.

I made amends with her on the way home by bringing a bag of M&M's but sometimes its just too much to bring a toddler AND a baby into antique malls.My kids have grown up in them so they are well behaved BUT Heidi has become her mother's daughter met with a 2 year olds temper...for example these radios,yeah,last time we were in there she told me she wanted them.I told her "yep,you and me both Miss" which was then met with lamenting for 10 min. in the store "but mama I want one Pleeeeeeeeeease".Yes,it's true.My 2 year old was throwing a fit over antiques.And they are swell radios I can't argue that.You'll forgive the bad quality photos please as I am a bad blogger,forgetting my camera and having to use my phone to share with you my Sunday window shopping fun.

This area was just so light and airy,it made me feel like spring was definitely here.Ha!As if the early April showers we not covering that task.

Loved this old card display
My heart pitter pattered over that pink radio and white dress

and my personal favorites of the day embroidered kitties!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Closet,Its Nice To See You Again...

It is SO nice to be able to be able to wear more of my clothes that have been sitting on hangers collecting dust for what seems like forever.Its still hit or miss,somethings I'm not able to wear but it's nice to try something on again and have it fit!Maybe not as flattering as it use to but I'm making progress and that makes me happy.

My jeans are a size 4 and there is some muffin top but they fit!I remember when I had my daughter I made the mistake of packing my size 2's in my going home bag thinking they'd be tight but doable,ha!I couldn't pull them up past my knees!Best advice for any moms to be reading this,don't do that to yourself,you'll be stuck in maternity a wee bit longer.Fortunately I knew better with my son.But here I am in 4's again (sort of).

And no wonder my husband always thinks I'm angry,gee I should smile more.
and my lovely striped blouse is thrifted and I'm so excited to wear it again.I don't think I've worn it in 2 years!Aw,reunited and it feels so good. =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Bits of Black and White...

Sometimes I find that I've shopped with a theme without meaning to.On a recent treasure hunt I came home with these pretties that were all black and white!

The cake topper I honestly have no use for but I thought they were so cute,even with the broken arm bride.My husband and I have been married for 4 years this year but I can't seem to part with it.Perhaps I'll put them to use when we redo our vows for our 10 year anniversary.

This art deco brooch was my priciest piece at only $2.00!

and last but not least this autographed photo of Pat Conway!Don't know if it is authentic but I'm just happy with the photo as I am an old western fan!Once we have a bigger place Wayland will have a 50's cowboy room so I'll probably end up putting it in there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swimsuit Season...

It's that time of year dreaded by most women,especially us mommies who are still trying to obtain something that resembles a waist.I have a really cute blue vintage swimsuit I'm hoping I can wear to one of the lakes when we move to Alaska,assuming I can get my waist back to 26 inches again.It's currently at 31 inches so I'm still in the red zone health wise as your waist should at max be no more than 1/2 your height and I am but a mere 5 feet.

I'm making progress and as I mentioned a few posts ago am still pretty camera shy but I can't hide from the world until I meet my goal weight again and it's also fun to have pictures because I can see the progress I'm making.It wasn't too long ago that my waist was 36 inches so it is coming off.I'm NOT a Hollywood mom photo-shopped on the cover of a magazine telling you how easy it is...yeah if I had a personal chef,personal trainer and a nanny to watch my kid while I did all this I'm sure I would be too,bite me.

I recently came across a 1950's Jantzen swimsuit for my shop.Luckily it's too big so I'm not tempted to keep it.Things that fit I always keep and things that are too small I keep too telling myself I will lose the required weight needed to wear it,ha ha!Since Violetta my handy dress form doesn't do bathing suits as she has no legs and thus it looks silly on her I had to choice but to shake my body woes and saddle up and model it myself.Here are a few snaps my self timer and I took.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Despite Popular Belief a Gal Can Have Too Many Purses...

Too many purses?Normally I would never utter such a blasphemous statement but normally I'm not moving across the country either.We'll be moving in 2 and 1/2 months and I've started packing here and there.That may sound premature but trust me we have a LOT of stuff and with 2 small kids the simplest task can take much longer than normal.

Since I am sort of "stuck" with a diaper bag (don't worry it's fashionable,no Winnie the Pooh draped on my arm thank you) I decided I could start packing up some of my purses since I won't be using them anytime soon.After packing the 3rd large box full I was a little shocked at how many I STILL had!Yes,some spring cleaning of my closet is in order here,once we're settled I can get out of control again but for now I'm parting with a lot of my purses and they're now in my Etsy shop!

Basket Weave Raffia Flower Purse

Boho Wooden Handle Handbag
silver and gold weave purse

Raffia and straw Tiki Purse
Tooled Leather Purse

Dover Purse
Vinyl Wallet
Mod 60s Purse
Faye Mell Purse
Satin Tapestry Brocade Clutch

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Signs of Spring...

Spring is around the corner I can feel it in the air.This morning it was nice to take the dog out and though it was cold it wasn't the kind of cold that hurts,more so the kind where you put on a sweater and it's ok.The sun shown enough today that I got to wear a pair of sunglasses!I'm a bit of a sunglasses whore I admit and today opted for my 70's granny meets TCB Elvis pair.

I loaded the kids up and we strolled down to the post office to mail off some packages,hit up the downtown chocolate shop to cure our ailing sweet-tooth,do some mild thrifting and head home.On the way home my daughter begged to go into the feed store because she wanted to see the bunnies,lizards,birds and turtles they have.

I obliged her and just when I thought I had wrapped that up we were walking by the little park by our place when she pointed out that the snow on the ground was gone.You see I had promised her we could go to the park again when the snow had melted and she had just called me out on it so a little park time was in the works today too.All in all a good day.I got what I needed done,got a few things for the shop,kids got to see some animals and do kiddie things,add candy to the mix and everyone wins.

It was my lil mans first time on a swing and he was quite proud of himself and had a blast.

My daughter is a seasoned swing kid and was happy to be back in the saddle after a long winter of no park time.Unfortunately the dog treat we had picked up for Ollie at the feed store she wouldn't let go of even to swing so she is showing off her one handed talent here...actually she wouldn't let go of that darn thing once we got home and it was time to give it to the poor dog!