Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ostara Inspiration....

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Wishing you all a Happy Easter,Passover,Ostara,or excuse to eat candy day!Whatever  is appropriate for you and yours.

 photo 9F206446-1384-46B3-B315-6AC84C3D96C6-1496-000002343FECEE79.jpg

 photo C9735BA2-670E-44A4-B823-D21696E4561E-1496-000002342E3A13D0.jpg

 photo 9A82B134-5A10-4E79-A970-E7D2D18A9DBB-1496-0000023421AD3B22.jpg

 photo 6E8FABDF-3874-4115-8995-E0B42E0FB000-1496-0000023448FC4185.jpg

And no Easter is complete without your Easter bonnet!
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wistfully Waiting For Spring...

Yes,technically it is spring but you wouldn't know it in my neck of the woods.The ground is still very covered in snow.I did get tossed a bone yesterday and there was a high of 46!Even though it was too cold to wear my spring dresses it didn't stop me from putting one on for around the house and spend a bit of time longingly gazing into my closet.This dress I'm wearing I  got from Modcloth on sale for $13!I was worried about the length.I'm very funny about length.I prefer things just over my knee and this is right above so it feels a little juvenile but not terribly.Luckily I'm short so its not going mid thigh or something!

 photo 7b4800e0-719d-4e68-a71b-6c938bdde367.jpg

The browns in the dress gave my an excuse to wear my new pieces of Bakelite that I'd found at the thrift store not too long ago.The brown faceted one I found in a bag with another bracelet for 75 cents at an antique mall junk jewelry table.The other brown bangle I got with 2 orange ones not photoed for 85 cents for all of them!The green on I've had for a few years now and can't recall where I got it,I think it was an eBay score.

 photo bf08477c-24df-4d27-88d2-ae336f839517.jpg

I bought this 70's chief ring for $4 on sale from  Bright Baubles and More's shop earlier this week and was happy to have it arrive yesterday so I could wear it.

 photo 5d7de38f-1545-45f3-a2f7-23de023b358e.jpg

This time last year the snow was all gone and it definitely felt like spring,this year I think we're getting the typical UP spring and it won't look like spring for another month.One being that doesn't seem the least bit upset about the snow is my lab Sam.

 photo C2F9AD68-FDF4-4440-B743-CE14F69C9AAE-685-000000E76C47C398.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Bedroom...

After almost a year and a half of living here my bedroom is finally properly furnished.It has been years,yes,YEARS since I've had bedroom set.Finding a vintage bedroom set in your price range can be tricky sometimes,especially if your price range is more on the "can I get that for free?" side.My husband pleaded a few times to just get over my need for vintage dressers and let him get something at Wal-mart till I found something but first off gross (no offense if that's your thing but its definitely not mine) and secondly I know my husband well enough to know that if I said yes he'd say "we already have dressers" when the time came that I found them.Sometimes its better to just do without till you get it just right.

Originally I had my heart set on an art deco waterfall bedroom set but nothing was in my price range and the pieces that were on Craigslist ended up being 3 hours away making it not quite a deal once you factor in gas and having to rent a small moving van.Eventually it just came down to "something vintage will do!" and when you open your net wider fate will work with you a little more.I spotted a bedroom set in a consignment shop months ago and told myself not to get too excited about them but if they were still there after I saved the $200 needed I'd  snag them.Thankfully there were.I didn't inspect them for labels but once they were delivered and I opened a drawer I was pleasantly surprised to learn they were Kent-Coffey pieces!

 Kent Coffey the apex vintage bedroom furniture dresser

Since I finally had dressers in place I could put things on the wall!
Kent Coffey vintage furniture dresser bedroom

These paintings are from 1941 and I got them in a flea market in Indiana.I got that aluminum dish with Bakelite handle also in Indiana.The clock is a reproduction of Westclox Big Bean Moon Beam.
 big ben clock art deco bakelite aluminum dish dresser top

I can't even begin to express my happiness at being able to display my vintage jewelry again.Having it on the floor definitely isn't the same.That lamp is a nice $10 score at the thrift store.
Kent Coffey dresser furniture vintage

Close up of my jewelry,I love this vintage Lucite display I got off ebay over a decade ago now.Always wanted to find another but haven't had any luck.
vintage jewelry display costume jewelry bracelets bakelite

 photo 7F837CED-4941-42A9-AFAE-1B934609A01D-3644-000006C5CD0531A9.jpg

Some of my Bakelite bangles.
bakelite bracelets display planter

Here is the side table.Unfortunately it doesn't work as a side table in our room since its a bit small for a "master bedroom" but works out well in this little nook.I found out from the neighbor that our 1937 home use to originally be a 2 bedroom with a garage that is now a 4 bedroom with NO garage.There are 3 rooms upstairs and they took the master bedroom and split it which totally makes sense!What was once the garage is now the 4th bedroom my husband uses as an office and the other half is now my office.The fact that we have a king bed doesn't help with the bit of cramped-ness but the thought of downgrading to a queen is something my husband and I both agree is a terrible idea.And I will never complain about it being small as the neighbor told me the original owners had 6 kids in this place!I can't even imagine.
Kent Coffey Side Table vintage furniture the apex

These curtains inspired the color palette in my room,they're called "Happily Married" which I thought was good juju for the bedroom.If you look on ebay you can usually find a lovely little variety of Saison happily married fabrics.I'm not sure how many prints they had but that company definitely had some beautiful ones.
 vintage barkcloth drapes curtains happily married fabrics

The moon I've had for years and I thought it'd go great with art deco waterfall furniture but I still like it even if I don't have the dark wood.I'm a little weird about mixing woods,I'm definitely too matchy matchy at times but I'm learning to loosen up a bit in this department.Moon and figurine were Indiana flea market,I found some good things when I lived in Indy.
 vintage wood moon wall hanging romance lovers couple

And where dirty clothes go till they get washed,the hamper!There are little tweaks here and there I'm sure will be made as time goes by.Eventually hardwood floors will be put back upstairs too but for now I'm happy that all the rooms upstairs are now properly furnished!
 vintage white laundry hamper