Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Nut...

You know what I find adorable?Acorns.Odd thing to find so cute maybe but really I do.Perhaps partly because they hold fond childhood memories.I played alone a lot as a child.Don't get me wrong I did have friends but as for the majority my social anxieties started early,I was painfully shy,awkward and weird...Now I may not have grown out of it but at least I grew up to embrace it.

I grew up around horses and remember staying all day at different houses of my mothers friends who had them in an area with lots of Oak trees.I'd keep myself entertained for hours making tea parties with the caps of acorns for myself and various imaginative friends.I thought I'd share some of my favorite acorn themed items on Etsy right now.

What?!Acorns AND strawberries?Totally adorable!Vintage Charm Bracelet

Celluloid Acorn Stick Pin

Wooden Acorn Necklace

I am super in love with this clip
This tooled leather belt is from my shop,I'd keep it if it were my size but no dice

Acorn print blouse

Acorn print fabric

Acorn Cake Tray

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sushi on Saturday...

Very rarely do I go out but I actually did something on a Saturday night for once.Jess took me out for sushi as a good bye dinner since I leave on Friday!Our friend Kimmi met us at the restaurant a little later.My house is a cluster you know what of boxes right now.I tried on 2 dresses which my waist was telling me "honey you ain't quite there yet put me back on the hanger".

Frustrated and almost near tears at the fact that Jess would be there any minute and I wasn't ready I settled on jeans with those comfy Chinese laundry shoes (I think I packed all my shoes up a bit too soon!Whoops) and a cute 1950s Chinese blouse I bought for a steal on Etsy fairly recently.No accessories (also already packed up,drats!).


We had fun conversation and good laughs.

I had made the mistake of eating too late of a lunch so I was still pretty full but I did manage to finish off my volcano roll before we left.

The waitress was nice to take a group shot of us.I love how I'm standing and they're sitting and still WAY taller than me.Really I should always wear heels and I love how my tall friends wear heels and I'm wearing freaking flats,ha!
I will definitely miss my lovely gal pals but eek this weather we are having today,almost 100 degrees AND humidity,THAT I will not miss about Indiana.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Spots and Swallows

Eep!1 week until I move.I've started packing up my glassware.Ugh!Packing breakables is a ton of no fun!I have a lot too.One thing I'm praying won't break are my vintage swallow glasses.I found this set of 5 when we lived briefly in the U.P. of Michigan,I miss the antique shopping up there with all my heart.

I only showed the 4 on these but I have 2 of each color.I got these at a thrift store when we first moved to Indiana.


And this guy was a gift I got my husband,found at one of the local antique malls when we first moved to Indy,my hubby doesn't dress vintage and for the most part could care less but he does collect old barware stuff so he got a kick out of this gag flask.

Ok will back to packing,woohoo rock and roll Friday night for me!But thanks blog world for giving me a brief break to show off some of my vintage goodies before I lost my mind in all this bubble wrap.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

April Showers Well Into May...

Normally I love the rain.Too much can definitely put a damper on ones mood though and I love and will miss Indiana but oh how I hate the humidity of the mid-west!Even on rainy days you don't get a break from it.I'd love a cold rain,I really would.

Today was a tease.The sun was out,the birds were singing!It gave me a chance to redo some etsy listings I didn't like.

and then I loaded up the kids with promises to go to the park after our run to the post office (does my life seem routine?Oh that's because it is,heehee).When we came out of the post office it was sprinkling so that put an axe on the park plan.My daughter had insisted on walking so I didn't take the double stroller so as she lolly gagged despite the gloomy weather due to the realization that slides were off the menu,I made the best of it and snapped some photos of downtown.Sad when I realized I wouldn't get a chance to go to these places before I moved.Funny how you can live some place for a few years and never see much of it...but that's the joys of life with 2 small children I suppose.


It started to rain harder so I gave my daughter my cardigan to keep her head dry and then I lamented having worn a white blouse today...yep,nothing like an involuntary wet t-shirt contest.We took refuge by a building and I called my husband to come rescue us from this little predicament I'd gotten us into.You know who wasn't complain about the weather though?This little guy right here.We watched him eat his weight in worms while we waited for our ride.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking a Break From Packing.....

I'm taking a break from packing.Packing is kind of a walk down memory lane as you go through things you haven't seen or paid any mind to in awhile.I was browsing through one of my magazines from 1940(I strongly suggest NOT doing this as it makes packing each box take about 10 times longer than it should).The magazine has a 6 page spread of McCall patterns.Thumbing through it I though I'd share them with my fellow vintage lovers and I think you'll agree with me that why yes I would like one of each please....oh wait that is right I can't really sew but yes one of each outfit already made pretty,pretty please.








Monday, May 17, 2010

Recent Etsy Purchase...

I've mentioned it before but for those of you new followers I'd like to state that I am cheap to a fault sometimes.For a very long time I've been lamenting over needing stretching headbands to wear,especially at night when I wash my face,put on mask,creams and all that other beauty jazz that comes with being a lady.My decorative ones just were not cutting it.Bangs can be just a pain sometimes.

I'd go to the store and see some but they were too wide and I couldn't quite bring myself to pay the $4 for one.It seemed like a rip off,its just a stretchy piece of fabric.Fortunately I stumbled across
AccessoryAddiction on etsy!For $5.00 I got 7 headbands!What I was looking for and for cheap,deadstock AND vintage?Check and mate!

They work great for getting my bangs out of my face and also for days like I'm having today...you know those lovely days as a mother when you and your hair realize it needs a shower but the kids don't.I like that I can use these as an alternative to my scarves for those days and pull off a 60's-ish do with them.I love my scarves but I feel like when I wear them my husband sees me in them now and is just like "hey you must need to wash your hair",Ha!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucite Heels

Without sounding like a vintage snob I think it is safe to say they don't make them like they use to.Now a days when you think of lucite shoes you think of tacky looking shoes worn by a stripper but for us vintage lovers we know that once upon a time they were lovely pieces of shoe art.

I mentioned a few posts ago about the awesome pair I stumbled across not too long ago that were sadly were a size too big!I took them to the cobbler and they're listed in my etsy shop for some luck gal.So if you're a 7 and 1/2 run don't walk and give them a new home!Oh and ps if any of my readers are 8 and 1/2's I have lots of vintage shoes listed now too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Sheets and Keys,Yes Please...

This week I've been pretty darn productive.Packing and tossing tons of stuff and still trying to keep myself from buying more things but ugh!Sometimes it hard.I have a million and 1 odd collections so its sometimes too easy for me to find something I like.I love keys.Skeletons keys and odd shaped ones are fantastic,I came across these ones yesterday and had to add them to my collection.I love history in all its forms and with old keys its fun to imagine what it use to go to.

Another thing I adore is old sheet music,especially from the 1920s and 1930s.Its a cheap and great way to add some art to your wall.Just toss them in a frame and tuh-dah!You can usually find these very affordable because people overlook them,if they don't play music they don't see the point in buying them which I think is a real shame because they really are art.
I've started cutting some prices in my Etsy shop and redoing photos I didn't like.Like this one.Hoping it will bring in some more sales as I'm starting to realize I have a TON of stuff to pack and the less inventory in my shop that I have to pack on top of my house stuff is a good thing.
In my limited vintage hunting this week I got a huge bag of amazing vintage ties from the gentlemen that works at one of my favorite antiques malls yesterday!He brought them in just for me I was stoked.Unfortunately my husband doesn't dress vintage so they'll be making their way into my shop sometime soon,I have a few I want to give to a friend first though.If I can't dress my own fella well that won't stop me from bringing too fashion sense to the rest of the world!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

After running our usual post office trip,the kids and I stopped into my friend Jan's shop.A year ago she had gotten these darling Holiday Fair dolls in and I remember wanting this one but it was on hold.Jan has been rearranging the shop and told me to go look at some jewelry in the back and much to my surprise look who was still there!My Bonnie Lass!I asked Jan if I could purchase her now to which she laughed at realizing that lady never did come back for it and off she came home with us to be added to my daughters collection.
She is mint and still has her tags!
Heidi ran off some of her unending toddler energy at the park while the boy napped in the stroller.She had a blast up till....
well,up till she realized there was an ant hill!!!!Hahaha!She's so prissy it kills me sometimes.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Glass Gardens...

With 3 weeks left till we move I've started packing up my many knick knacks.I hate packing and I always worry things will break.Setting up in your new home is always fun though but it dawned on my that I would be packing these things up and not seeing them again for another 6-8 months until I finally get up to Alaska.I thought I'd share a few snaps I took in between wrapping up the bathroom today.


I love glass bonsai trees!If I was ever lucky enough to come across the jade ones I'd love those too...but I'm not so I stick to collecting the poor ladies version which is the glass ones.I use to have a ton more but honestly they may not require watering but they're a pain to keep clean so I wasn't too sad when I sold some off over the past year!I'll grow my collection again soon but for now I've limited myself to these 3.

The Napco Thai dancers can also be used as wall hangings,which I should do with them before they suffer anymore damage.They were mint condition when I bought them but its been my husband that has cost one dancer her head and hand(ladies do not display breakables on the back of the toilet if you have a man,cats or kids!All equal a bad time for your cute vintage things!)Luckily clean enough breaks that they repaired easily.So good bye my pretty things.I'll see you again in 6-8 months,as you sit in your box in darkness don't you worry you'll be displayed again soon!(Yeah,I'm a little crazy I talk to my inanimate objects,its totally acceptable).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So I'm a Horrible Liar....

Remember how I said I wasn't buying myself anything else since we were moving?Yeah,I lied.I'll be the first to admit I have a shopping problem.Mainly that is why I took to selling vintage,otherwise you would have seen me on a show like Hoarders a long time ago.
These cuties I was wearing the other day in my outfit post but forgot to do a close up of them so here is the etsy listing photo of when I bought them,they were $10.00!Really,$10.00 so how could I not?

I had a busy day.The zoo by our house reopened so hubs and I loaded the kids and I OF COURSE forgot my camera!After that hubs took our daughter for junk food and home while I took the boy and walked downtown to mail off my etsy packages and also the goodies for both of my giveaway winners so ladies expect those soonishly (what?It's my blog I can invent words its fine) .

I stopped by my friend Jan's antique shop for a minute to catch a break from the heat and dropped off a pair of AMAZING lucite shoes at the cobbler for repair.Seriously I love those shoes and I'm so bummed they were a size too big to those will be making it into my etsy shop soon...I might have to blog about those once I get them back,they're seriously THAT drool worthy.Aw cobblers,yours is a dying trade as we enter deeper and deeper into a throw away nation.Trust me ladies and gents,cobblers can do amazing things so if you have a pair of vintage shoes or even a modern pair you loved to death don't toss them just yet they might be able to be saved!

My daughters 3rd birthday approaches at the end of the month,I've been wanting to get her a Schwinn tricycle and we're lucky to have one downtown...or so I thought.Apparently the lock and key shop next to it was spread over to the bike shop and the bike shop is no more,not even a sign to say they went out of business or moved.The old sign still remains though.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Winner,Winner,Chicken Dinner...


Today sort of slipped away from me,I didn't get to take photos like I wanted of my drawing but I figured I'd just announce the winners anyway.First off thank you to ALL my followers!Secondly wow not 1 male signed up,do I not have any vintage loving fellas out there?Is vintage blogging a woman's world?Anyhoo....

The first winner is Bombshell Bettie!
The second winner is Andi B. Goode!

I'll be contacting you soon for address's to send your goodies off!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo coming up in a few days I thought it would be fun to share some Mexican themed vintage goodies with everyone.Being from San Diego and I'm sure anyone living in the south west can tell you its a pretty festive day,here in Indiana not so much as there isn't a huge Hispanic population,it seems to be treated the same as Saint Patrick's day unfortunately most people just use it as an excuse to get drunk with maybe a dumb comment about it being Mexico's independent day *face palm*.

This vintage dangle pin is from my shop and I think it is darling!

Set of 4 Sombrero Glasses

1950s Painted Circle Skirt

Mexican Boho Dress

Vintage Mexican Menu

1969 Glass Cylinders