Monday, June 28, 2010

I Love Gooooooooold....

I have 3 pairs of gold vintage shoes in my Etsy shop that aren't my size (otherwise I'd be keeping them,duh!) that I just adore which then led to me looking at MORE gold shoes on etsy that of course also aren't my size but who doesn't enjoy eye candy?And heck if you see a pair at the right price maybe they could be yours!Without further ado I bring you glorious vintage gold shoes!

Here are the ones from my shop:

1970's Delisos

vintage gold Penaljo's

Polly of California mules

A lovely pair from FabGabs which are indeed fab!

80's Saks heels

Blast!these ones from RainbowTrading are marked my size my the measurements provided say otherwise (Vintage sellers please ALWAYS include measurements in your listings!So important!Shoes can differ so much from company to company)

From DearGoldenVintage

Well,that's all the eye candy the kids are going to allow me to share with you for now.Till next time!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hooked on You...

I kind of have a thing for hardware.It could be an ugly door,dresser,cabinet or rack but this attention to detail I have I can overlook bad and adore something just because the knob,pull,handle or some other bit of hardware was appealing to the eyes.I often go without things for a long time because I don't see something I like.I'd rather not settle.I appreciate trying to find beauty in everything and appreciate people that pay attention to detail.

I mean down to the tiniest thing I am about it looking good.For example my husband once bought a cheap white boring soap dispenser for the bathroom.It was ugly and I smiled when the thing broke.I bought a much more attractive one that he raised an eyebrow over because it was $15.00 which he thought was nutty for a soap dispenser.Look if its going to be seen it should look good,right?Yes.Thank you for agreeing with me.*Note:if you're disagreeing with me please throat punch yourself in 3..2..1 GO!Did that smart?Yeah,serves you right,don't ever argue with me on my blog.*

There is no denying I spend a lot of time window shopping on the internet.Trust me if I could act on all the neat things I find I would but someone needs to tell my pocketbook to get with my program!I keep thinking of hooks I want to get for our place when the kids and I finally get up to Alaska.Given that won't be anytime soon but has that stopped me from looking already?Heck no!So here are a few of my favorites I thought I'd share with you.

Bats!I love bats!

How sweet is this lil tweet?!Very!

some rocking red roosters

Is this what they refer to as "whimsical"?Selling on etsy I can tell you I see that term overly abused to the point its comical.So do I know?Honestly I don't even know what that term means anymore at this point.What I do know is if I was a rabbit I'd probably want to hang out on the moon and chit chat a spell too.Rabbit and moon hook you are awfully cute

There are plenty more to see at but moving onto another site with fun hooks I bring you my personal love/hate Anthropologie.I love them because the stuff is cute.I hate them because even their clearance section is too expensive for me but the hardware,not so badly priced!Now a dress from them,pffft!Don't get me started!

Squirrel hook

Owl hook

Another site I could spend hours daydreaming on is (seriously if you are looking to spruce up your place this site is chock full of vintage inspired pieces), here are a few hooks from there that a fab!

Art deco style hook.Simple yet stylish

the streamline hook,this also comes in white and black but I prefer it in the green

DISCLAIMER:if you happen to be looking at this at work DON'T go to those sites just yet.I swear you WILL get sucked in and I can't be held responsible if your boss catches on that you've spent your whole shift window shopping pretty things online instead of working and cans you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever...

You'll excuse the cheese factor that I just kicked up a notch with that title,if you couldn't guess what we did today,yes that's right we went to the strawberry fields so I couldn't resist a song title reference and boo to you if you don't like the Beatles.Today's post I could easily break into 3 posts but I'm not so just fair warning this one is a bit picture heavy...but like you mind!Really isn't that the point of blogs is content AND photos?Maybe if I had great writing skills and you were SUPER interested in me rambling on and on about kids,etsy and going to the park then I could get away with no photos but let's admit it,that makes more a rather boring blog.

There are a lot of bad things to be addicted to in this world so I guess I am fortunate that my daughter is a fruit junkie.She has been out of strawberries for 3 days and I swear to the gods its like that kid needs the sugar from strawberries to be cute and sweet and nice.The first 1/2 of our trip she was a bit of a pill but I'm not kidding after we got her some strawberries and she ate a few she was back to her normal soft voiced sweet little self!




I'm trying to teach my daughter the concept of money.She for being only 3 is an expensive habit and likes to go,see and do.Which is more than fine but not always in the budget.We do our fair share of mostly free or very cheap fun things but I want her to be able to understand that when I tell her "no" its not me just being a big meanie but just the reality of life.So my mom gave her a few bucks and let her pay for the strawberries.
And yes she does have pink cowgirl boots,its ok I am jealous of them too.



Now as far as thrifting went today...GAH!My poor mom I had her drive down to Encinita's for nothing.One of the worst thrift stores ever.We stopped by an estate warehouse here in town which I've always loved but haven't been in for many years.They had gotten rid of their clothes room so I was bummed about that.As far as fun things for my etsy shop it was a bust on that end.Their prices are good but not for resale.Personal shopping wise though they're great!Sadly I didn't have the funds for personal shopping though so I figured I'd snap some of the things I saw that I did like.


Um,I'd like this coffee table please!

This desk did make me squeal I won't lie.

Its pink!It would never fly in my house but for f***(<--look ma I censored it so you can't be too upset I do watch my mouth online,promise) sake its pink! Photobucket

Apparently there isn't much of a market for giant cows because this lady has been in front of the store since as long as I can remember...or maybe she's just not for sale.If she was mine I wouldn't sell her that is for sure.

Wait,did I say I didn't have the funds for personal shopping?Because that was a lie.I did treat myself to this hat because it was only $4.00 and despite husbands begging to differ a gal can never have too many hats.


And the icing on the cake today and if you're not a mom you probably don't care sorry but my mom treated me to a new diaper bag!I loved my old one but it was torn and looking shabby.No offense to moms that have one but I knew from the moment I got pregnant with my daughter that I was NOT going to carry a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag.You want a onesie kiddo with Winnie the Pooh that's fine but I freaking hate,loathe,despise those cutesie little baby themed diaper bags.Check it out retail world:I'm the one that has to carry this thing NOT my baby so I don't want Precious Moments are any of that jazz,ya dig?!Without further ranting here is my new diaper bag.Thanks Mom!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad Weekends and Good Mondays...

My weekend was oddly bad.One of those that if it could go wrong it did.I had 2 old friends end up having to bail on plans and that estate sale I was so looking forward to my mom flaked on me (nice mom thanks,hehe).I am happy to report that that weekend raincloud I had over my head has cleared the air and on a Monday of all days!Aren't Mondays normally the more dreaded day of the week?Oh well,I'm not complaining.

Sick of wearing jeans due to my waist not being back in shape I wore my 70's lavender wrap skirt.Its too small at my current weight but doable so I did.I got it off Ebay a few years ago when it was included in a small lot of mixed vintage clothing I'd won.

The 50's blouse I bought off Etsy from
Concetta's Closet ,very cute shop with very good prices!Do go take a peek!


I do a lot of thrifting so today I took a break and did some shopping for my kids.My son needed a new pair of shoes,how freaking cute are these?

Also,he needed a hat to keep that chubby little face out of the sun so I picked this up for him.My daughter got some new jeans,nothing terribly exciting to show off there but she made out earlier last week when my mom picked up some stuff for her.

Heidi has discovered a new park here which she is a fan of.The concept of sharing is still fairly new to her,I have to explain a lot that when she sees another kid on the chipmunk its not ok to order them off because its "hers"...I guess that was the problem with the park we use to frequent back in Indiana,it was so small she never had to wait her turn or share anything on the park.

I'll be back to vintage hunting again tomorrow.Hopefully I'll be reporting back to you with some fun finds!And hopefully my plans for THIS coming weekend pan out,yes please!=)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fruits,Buys and Ollie Boy...

I really do adore Etsy.Selling on there has been a life saver.It allows me to stay at home with my kids AND hunt for vintage.My kids and vintage are my biggest passions so to do both is great.The community on there is so much more friendly too.Given you have your bad sellers everywhere but I have yet to have any problems to date.

I wanted to give a nod to a seller I recently bought this cute top from,WillowNook!The shop has so many fun vintage goodies and really reasonable prices.This top is great since its also easy access,so to all my vintage loving mama's that are breastfeeding DO invest in this style top!Plus its loose but still flattering to cover that post baby body pooch which even though Wayland is now 10 months I am still fighting the battle of.


Of course I can't snap off some photos without Ollie trying to get in on the action.

Alright Ollie you can get your own photo cause you are pretty darn cute
Oh the shoes!So cute and I got these for $2.00!They're a 5 and 1/2 and though I am a 6 and 1/2 they fit just fine.That's the thing about vintage shoes is always pay attention to the measurements and not just the size.I would have passed on so many cute shoes over the years if I just gone by size.


It was pretty warm today.We spent most of the day inside enjoying fresh fruit until the heat of the day passed so we could run some errands.



I had plans with 2 old friends but both fell through unfortunately.Probably works out for the best I can be better well rested for that estate sale I wanted to go to tomorrow.So yes its another Saturday night of editing photos for my etsy shop but at least this time one of the houses on the block is rocking an awesome surf rock band to serenade me so I can kinda of feel like I'm doing something eventful.

Feeding My Cardigan Cravings...

I am a firm believer that a gal can't own too many cardigans.I have them in all colors.From the plain to the rhinestone and beaded within an inch of their lives.Skin tight to the comfy and loose.It is because of this belief I am bad about parting with them when I come across them because if its a little tight or a little big I don't mind and into the closet it goes.

You'll remember me lamenting the other post ago about not finding much pre 60's stuff.After a horrid time thrifting yesterday I went into one more store.and I found this.But I'm keeping it for me,naturally.Sorry.


One side met the hungry end of a moth and has 3 small holes I'll have to repair but the lining is intact and I love the roses on it!

I am going to an Estate sale on Sunday so vintage gods be with me!I would like to come across some more pre 60s stuff that I promise I'll put in my shop,hehe.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cox Sucks and More Peasant Blouses

If you recall I mentioned I'd be getting internet yesterday,it may have been the shortest time frame I'll ever do business with an internet provider,less than 24 hours.The guy who did it was quick and polite but by the time I got the kids to bed and it was time to get some listing done it wasn't working.I walked over to the router and it was hot to the touch and I could smell slightly the lovely smell of burning plastic!

After an hour of being on hold and talking to tech support they determined it was malfunctioning.Oh really?Good call guy,high five your face.Then they transferred me to the office which they didn't bother to tell me was closed already.So I had to call back this morning.

Despite that I was pleasant when I made my call today but due to the kids being awake I couldn't hear the man I was speaking to every now and then because the kids would laugh or yell and had to ask him to repeat something 3 he hung on up me!After that I came to the conclusion that I wasn't meant to do business with them and called back and cut my service and took back the router so they wouldn't charge me for that.I'd rather take a chance of not always being able to get online by borrowing a connection than give them a dime of my very hard earned money.But enough of that nonsense.Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say.

Other than that the day was pretty darn good.Got lots of fun things for myself and my Etsy shop.Since I've moved back here though I haven't come across much pre 1960s vintage though which is starting to drive me a little batty because I like to have a good variety of all decades in my shop...that is kind of a lie because I noticed I keep most of the art deco stuff I find or pull it out if it doesn't sell quickly..sorry about that.But a fun mix of the 1920s through the 1960s with a dash of fun retro 70s and 80s pieces sneak in from time to time too.That's what I like so naturally that is what I like to offer people.

For myself I did pick up a few peasant blouses.This one here fit so its a keeper.I picked up another that was too big so after I give it a good washing it will be making its way to my shop sometime this week.Here is the blouse I'm keeping and Ollie making a grand appearance.

The shoes you couldn't see in the first photo,they aren't vintage but still darling in my opinion.Thrifted these back in Indiana for $1.00.The Converse jeans I got off Ebay awhile ago,for 99 cents,plus whatever the shipping was..

My waist has finally started to show some progress as I've lost an inch and 1/2 off of it.Being away from my hubby isn't fun but being away from his cooking seems to be doing the trick!Hoping to be back in my dresses soon.Jeans are comfy and all but I do miss dressing up.Its very limiting to me.Alright kids I'm out of here for the night.Till next time!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cute But Creepy...

Today I spent trying to unpack those last few boxes of things.Most of our stuff is in the garage and will stay there until its time to go to Alaska but of course somethings I couldn't wait to use for another 6 months and they've been sitting around the room I'm staying in waiting for me to get a free minute to get to them.

There was a yard sale I saw 2 days before I left Indiana.I HAD to peak in and I'm glad I did.I found a mostly silly things that I could have gone without but what fun would that be?I'd describe the majority of it as "cute but creepy".

Don't ask,I have no idea what I'll do with these.Maybe demented cute cupcake toppers?Perhaps.I saw the bunny and it was love and at 50 cents for a bag of cute animal heads sure why not!

I crochet but not as well as I'd like.I thought maybe it'd be fun to try out crocheting some bodies and heads for these faces I found.They were 10 cents so its not a total loss if I can't do it.

I love Halloween!Also thinking of making these into cupcake toppers my only regret is not buying more of these.
and lastly I wouldn't consider these under the cute and creepy category but these fish mama and her babies wall hangings that were only $2.00 and I have a cute yellow hamper to pair them with in the bathroom of where ever we end up in Alaska (because oh yes our next place WILL have at least 2 bathrooms!).

Now since I bought these like I said 2 days before I was moving they ended up in the "things I need" box since that's always the last thing you pack so I laughed a little when I unpacked them since clearly I don't NEED any of it right now but hey I got to show it off sooner than I thought so yeah for that!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thrift Store Scores...

I wanted to share these with you 2 days ago when I found them but my internet connection went down so I have a lot of blogging to catch up on and SOOOOOO much listing to do.I have a fella coming out on Tuesday to give this old house some modern day internet goodness so I can have reliable internet 24 hours a day.Since I have an online business it only makes sense that I have a connection I can trust,right?Lets hope this current one I'm borrowing sticks around for me tonight as I have a lot of emails and such to go through and catch up on.Trying to do what I can on my phone is pretty limiting.Its fine for keeping up social sites was but as far as the business end of why I use the internet its killing me,plus blogger and my phone don't really get along too well.Boo and hiss to that!

Anyhow,enough of my excuses.So my main concern when leaving the mid-west behind and coming back to California was I wouldn't be able to find affordable vintage.I have had no issues to date so far with that I am proud to say!I've been scoring big left and right and now have about 100 things that need to make their way into my etsy shop and of course I couldn't help but keep a few things for myself.Lets hope my vintage luck sticks around when I finally head up north to be with my hubby again.

I found these gloves and I debated back and forth and the results are in,I'm keeping them.White gloves are good to have but can be a little boring but with rhinestones it adds just the right amount of "tuh dah!".

Pink tear drop moonglow lucite sweater clip,sorry ladies all mine.

The last pair of stockings I tore when I went to very briefly see Wayne the Train Hancock with the lovely Miss Jess back when I was still pregnant with Wayland.For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile you'll recall that was quite some time ago.Yes,I shamefully admit I've been bare leggin' it since then.I found this box of them for $1.00 and there are 5 pairs in the box.I wish they weren't seamless but I'm not arguing it was a freaking $1.00 for vintage stockings!


and now I introduce you to a part of my vintage collection that "may" have grown slightly out of control.Or at least according to my husband is out of control.Vintage mannequin heads.I have 6,now I have 8 because I found 2 in 1 day at 2 different thrift stores!


I have one that is covered in red so when I saw the green one I squealed.Of course it "wasn't for sale" which is when I asked the manager if he'd take an offer.It's a charity thrift shop so I didn't want to be a jerk and low ball them so I went ahead and offered $10.00 which he thankfully took cause I was very willing to go to $20.00 for it.The other lady was only $3.00 and I need to get the poor dear a wig soon.I don't wear wigs but I always feel it looks wrong when I display my vintage hats on a mannequin with no hair...and I have a lot of vintage hats that I like to display,which is why I need the heads,but the requires wigs to go with them....which is probably why my husband thinks this is kind of out of control.Maybe.

Well folks,you all have a safe and fun filled weekend.I'm off to try and edit some photos while I still have this good connection.Yep,I have a rockin' Saturday night over here,be jealous.Hehe!