Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thanks Twila Jean.....

My birthday is at the start of the year.Twila Jean was sweet enough to send me a gift certificate to ModCloth for my birthday.It took a few weeks to decide what I wanted and when they were having a cabin fever sale I jumped at the chance to use my birthday present.For those of you that don't know I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan where the winters are VERY long and harsh.So here it is the end of April and yesterday FINALLY showed some spring weather with even warmer weather today.Sure,there is still a few feet of snow on the ground but it'll  be gone soon.I'm excited I can finally wear one of the dresses I got with my gift certificate from her and here it is!

 modcloth,leopard dress,rockabilly,art deco dame

Her gift certificate also covered some of the purse too which I was happy about.Originally the purse was $115.99 and its cute but whoa its not THAT cute!If you have that kinda cash to blow on a purse more power to you but I don't.On clearance for $34.99 was something I could do though and happily did.At first I was going to take the strap off but its amazing going shopping with the use of both hands!I'm so use to vintage handbags that I've certainly neglected the wonderful world of strap purses!

 orange leopard dress

Here is a close up of my cat eyes.I am thankful everyday that I found a pair in my reading prescription!

cateye,cat eye glasses,vintage eyewear,art deco dame,rockabilly

And for my fellow crazy cat ladies you know you're going "OMG kitty pillow!" so here is a close up of that bad boy.One of my favorite Indiana flea market finds from years ago.
 cat pillow,orange chair,leopard dress

Besides FINALLY getting to wear dresses again I am beyond thrilled that I can wear my cute shoes again.A girl can only take snow boots and rain boots for so long before it gets depressing and we had 6 months of snow this winter!I thrifted these when I was still in California a few years ago.
 vintage shoes,ballet flats,retro,feet

So thank you again Twila Jean for the birthday gift,it was so sweet of you to think of me!I hope you all have a great remains of the weekend.I'm off to make red velvet cupcakes with the girl child.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Possum Has Passed On...

Checked my email this morning on my lap top and did a double take when I saw Yahoo News announcing the George Jones has passed  away at 81.I admit I got teary eyed.I like a wide variety of music and a lot of people roll their eyes when you say you like country but they're thinking modern country.George Jones was real country,the real deal.

Music can play such a huge influence in your life and Mr.Jones music definitely was a big one in my life.I was first introduced to him courtesy of my grandparents as a child.They'd sit in their chairs in the garage watching the neighborhood go by as the country station played on the radio in the backdground,a Budweiser in one hand,and a Marlboro red in the other.Because of his age I can't say I'm totally shocked BUT it does make me sad all the same.Though his psychical body is gone his music is eternal.Here are a few black and whites of George through the years.I hope you'll throw on some George Jones today in remembrance.

 young george jones cowboy hat

George Jones Classic Country guitar

 1970s george jones smoking badass outlaw country

Thursday, April 11, 2013


On Tuesday  I reached my 4 year anniversary of selling on Etsy!It doesn't seem like its been that long but time flies when you're having fun they say.And you know what?It has been fun.I love what I do.To celebrate I've put my shop on 25% off for the week.The sale ends tomorrow night.Here are a few favorites from my shop right now.

etsy leopard pony hair earrings sweater clip 1940s knit dress

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fashion Designer Lilly Pulitzer Passes Away....

Sad news this Sunday to find iconic fashion designer Lilly Pulitizer has passed away.When I first started getting into vintage clothing around the time I was in Jr. High I was originally into very retro fashions of the 60's and 70's so "Lilly's" were right up my alley.The fact that Jackie O wore them also helped as I admired her style from an early age.

Lilly was 81 when she passed.She left a beautiful,cheerful,colorful mark on the world and I'm sure won't be forgotten.For those of  you that have a vintage piece of clothing from her cherish it a little more now.

 Lilly Pulitzer 1960s 60s fashion dress bright designer