Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lighting Fail...

I spent the first 1/2 of my day redoing photos for my Etsy shop which is mostly fun until I decided to redo one of the 60's dresses I'm selling.I have a dress form which I LOVE but Violetta (my dress forms name) can get boring from time to time as she can only do one pose.I'm also fairly camera shy as I am still trying to lose the rest of my baby weight but am working up the nerve to tip toe in front of the camera again and its also nice to look back and see that I am making progress in that department.So here I am showing off my fail,I hate when my camera deems the room light worthy enough for the flash not to go off but then I see the picture it took and this is what it shows me (mind you this is even AFTER I tried to lighten it up) *Shrugs* Well,I guess you can't win them all...

BUT at least my hair turned out cute...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A GiveAway!!!

I didn't forget I promise.I wanted so badly to do a giveaway when I reached 100 followers a few months ago and here I am at 127 and I haven't done it yet!So no more putting it off I just got to do it.My big problem was trying to decide WHAT I wanted to give away and I finally decided on these cute 50's confetti frame sunglasses!

I love them and thankfully for you they don't quite look right on me or I'd be keeping them!I'll more than likely be adding some other vintage goodies to the mix for the lucky winner but I don't want to put off doing this any longer so for now sunglasses it is!

The rules are pretty simple,all I ask is that you be a follower of my blog because I'm rewarding you to show my gratitude for taking an interest in lil ole me.Be a follower and leave a comment with an email address I can contact you with should you be the lucky person to win,no need to repost this and hey who wants the extra competition,right?!I know the point of most giveaways is to attract more followers but eh I march to the beat of a different drum I guess,I'll do my own dirty work and promote myself =).I will do a raffle and draw the winners name on Feb. 14th,yes Valentines Day works,love is in the air after all and I love vintage so this is fitting I think.So comment away I'd love for these beauties to go to a great home where they'll be loved!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hooray Gifts!

You're insane not to like gifts so it just sort of goes without saying but for the sake of rambling I'll say it:I love gifts!I did a gift exchange with the lovely Lisa
I was so tickled with what she sent I thought I'd share it all with you.

It arrived yesterday and the funny thing is my daughter squealed "oh a present for ME!" to which I replied "no,its a present for mommy" and felt a tinge of guilt but luckily Lisa had me covered because when I opened it the first thing I saw was this cute child's book.
Content my daughter ran off with her new book and left me in peace to go through my goodies.A Deb-u-Teen box and bakelite clip!!!!

Also included but not photoed was some makeup but I had to quickly put that away before my daughter saw that.Needless to say Lisa really hooked me up.I'm so pleased with my presents and it was such a great exchange to do.If you peek into Lisa's Etsy shop you can see her good taste is not only in her home and gifts but also in what she sells !Thanks again Lisa!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sew Cute...

I am not a great sewer,I wish I was.I wish I could create all the pretty vintage patterns I come across but that would only end in many curses and possibly things being thrown against the wall.I can do repairs though which is simple enough and I think a must have "skill" if you love vintage.

I came across this sewing basket with a lucite handle a few months ago and found it so delightfully ugly.I love art deco to the early 1960's but I do admit to having a soft spot for the late 1960s and parts of the 70's too.Maybe because in jr. high that's what got me into dressing vintage.
Much to my delight this basket was marked a mere $3.00 and that deal was sweetened when I saw that it was packed full of vintage sewing goodies too!

I love needle books 1 because I'm a sucker for packaging and 2 because I constantly lose needles and not in any place that's ever painfully found again like you step on it,no once gone they're gone forever so it was nice to have a good supply again.

Some more great things in the box were metal hooks!A vintage loving gal can never have too many of these!I can't tell you how many times I've talked a dress down on price at the antique mall before because a hook on a dress was missing or found one at a thrift store that had 1 or both ripped off.It's always good to have a pair and a spare when it comes to metal hooks,you'll never know what vintage gem you'll find that will need a minor repair such as this.

Another great find in the basket was the leather case with silk threads!I don't come across such delicate vintage dresses often but should they need a repair God knows doing the repair with plain old cotton or nylon thread seems wrong on so many levels.I'm not sure what I'll do with the trim but its fun I think and the little mini sew kit is pink with rhinestones!Adorably girlie!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading in Style....

Wow!First off let me say this year has gone by so fast already so a belated Happy New Year to everyone,my birthday was on the second and the rest has just been a blur of busy,busy,busy!But ahem *cough,cough* getting back to topic...

I love vintage eyeglasses.Maybe it's my inner geek but I think they're so stylish.I've always been blessed with good eyesight though so never had a reason to wear them until I turned 19.Though my eyes were still good I needed reading glasses because my eyes were starting to have a hard time readjusting once I looked up to see things at a distance.

Unfortunately when I got eyeglasses they weren't in vintage frames,I literally went to the doctors office to a LensCrafter more so just wanting to get it over with .I searched for a vintage pair I liked off and on until I turned 23 and didnt have insurance thus giving up worrying about it.

Luckily here I am at 28 and came across a lot of vintage eye and sunglasses which I bought to sell in my etsy shop but of course had to keep 1 pair for myself when I saw the prescription was the same as my reading glasses!Oh joy!I do love getting a good deal and not having to invest anymore into it.So here's hoping these motivate me to be a good girl and wear my glasses when I read.