Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hmmm... I think any time you get more of 2 of the same you start to get a theme.Apparently my Etsy shop I just noticed is filled with all sorts of jackassery as I now I have 3 vintage donkey items in it!Hahaha!Or should I be saying Hee haw?(yes I'm so cheesey I know,I know)

children's book copyrighted 1951:

Vintage Gerry's pin:

children's book copyrighted 1950:

In baby news I heard nothing from my doctors office this morning which is good and that good news was confirmed as I was downtown today with Heidi going to the post office when I ran into my doctor and his lovely wife and he said hello and that yes everything was normal on my glucose results so hooray for that!Oh and on a side note whatever you believe in say a prayer or send good thoughts for my doctors wife.She has brain cancer!=(
I couldn't imagine how scary that has to be to be happily married to someone for over 40 years and then the thought of them taken away from you in such a horrible manner.My husband and I made the mistake of asking how she was a few visits ago and there is just something heartbreaking about watching a grown man tear up and struggle for his composure to answer "she's ok".Aw,poor guy you can just tell me loves her so much.

30 Weeks!

Wow,it doesn't seem possible but here I am at 30 weeks!I am excited as we draw closer to the finish line but also in a state of panic as it makes me realize how unprepared I am (but like we're ever really ready,right?!).I had my glucose test this morning,yuck!I took the fruit punch horridness over the orange horridness I had opted for with was slightly less horrid but I couldn't wait to get home and get something in my belly!

Blame it on the going so long without eating but I scarfed down ALL of the left over spaghetti in the fridge so then it was carb overload.Needless to say today was not a good day for my poor tummy.It was mad at me for having to fast,then mad at me for having all that sugar in it and then mad cause I over ate.Luckily Heidi took her nap early and so I napped with her and felt a ton better after wards.

We all went to the store later and I finally got a watermelon which I have been craving forever.The hubby was reluctant to buy one because last summer the one we got was horrid but fortunately this one was fantastic.Nothing is better in Indiana's humid summer than some nice watermelon thats for sure.Speaking of watermelon it looks like I'm smuggling one under my shirt!I have so much belly and still 10 weeks to go!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandma's Jewelry Box...

I've had so much to blog about lately and unfortunately no time so I'm making a feeble attempt to catch up right now.Last week my mother sent my my grandmother's jewelry box!She's sending me more sometime this week.It's not grandma's fine jewelry by any means,I probably won't get that until my mother passes on and trust me I'm in NO hurry for that!She sent my grandmothers costume jewelry though which I love!Also fun fact is I learned my grandmother use to sell Sarah Coventry jewelry so she has A LOT of that.

My mother sent it with the intent to sell what I didn't want to keep and I've listed a few pieces in my Etsy shop so far but there's still more (again never enough time) but here is what I'm keeping.

here's a Sarah Coventry pin & earring set:

I love big brooches to pin to my winter coats!

so pretty!

Everyone needs a kooky fish pin:

rhinestone bracelet & earring set:

love these screw on earrings:

and because every good Irish girl should have one:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Ex-Fiance's New Wife...

Oh I know by the title of this is sounds like I have some kind of wonderful drama to tell but proof that you can't judge a book by it's cover such is the case here!I suppose the term "new" doesnt really apply either since many years have passed since my ex and I broke up but even though we didn't stay friends afterwards oddly enough his wife and I struck up a bit of an internet friendship.

Thank you Myspace for making it a very small world.See you can move half way across the country and still "run into" people from the past now,aw the internet.She contacted me and we stay in touch,mostly just talk vintage as she's also a fellow vintage lover. Infact some mutual friends of my ex and I have said she was "eerily similar" but I think they're just being dramatic.... much like when I ordered a grilled cheese sandwhich once and one chimed in "oh his ex before you use to order the grilled cheese " oh no!Really?!Hell,I bet she had 2 eyes just like me too!Ha ha!

Well,in one of our conversations we talked about china patterns we collect.I'm bad as I can't commit to one.I collect Salem North Star and Vernon Ware Heavenly Days.I had mentioned that I also like the Oasis pattern from Franciscan but could never find it and online it was always pricey.So much to my delight I got this in the mail from her last week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elvis Lives!... in my living room...

Sorry,I didn't end up getting my vintage treasure yesterday due to dear hubby not feeling well still but he did go and pick it up for me today!I love Elvis!And now he gets to adorn my walls!

He's HUGE!28 and 1/2 inches wide and about 40ish inches tall (I made the mistake of hanging it before I measured it and I'm too short to reach the top for an exact measurement and too lazy to haul the chair over there again,ha ha!).I've never seen one so big before so he's not only a fun find but looks great the blank wall I put him on.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diaper Wipes Are My Friend Impatience is Not...

For the utter lack of sleep I got last night I was really productive today.My Etsy shop sold out so I got the pleasure of hunting to restock it today.In my haste to leave I didn't bring Heidi's diaper bag,not a big deal but oh that caught up with me about 1/2 way into our walk.I gave her the first row of a Hershey's bar when I should have broken that into the 3 pieces it allows since less time holding it means less time for it to melt in your hand and if you're a toddler all over your face,arms,legs and dress.Thank the Gods for Oxy-clean I was so scared I wasn't going to get it out of her cute red gingham dress but hooray!It did indeed come out!

It was one of those times when you do something you think "man,I am SUCH a mom".Not left with any other option I stuck my daughters grubby little chocolate covered hand in my mouth and sucked off enough so that she could not make the mess any worse.She was greatly amused by this and I booked it the rest of the way to the flea market where I dashed towards the bathroom and attacked her a wet paper towel which she was NOT so amused by.

Though I shouldn't have since my shop has been doing pretty darn good I did treat myself to something I saw there.Unfortunately I couldn't take it with me but my dear hubby is going to pick it up tomorrow.I won't even mention what it is yet because until I can show you a picture I can do no justice to the kitsh-tastic nature of my vintage find.So you'll forgive me teaser but stay tuned vintage awesomeness is coming soon!

Oh and I must somehow figure out a way to rearrange the living room so I can squeeze in this awesome chair with 2 triangle shaped side tables attached to it I saw at the antique mall,it was only $25.00!!I must make it mine,I must!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here Come The Bride..

I listed and SOLD this vintage 60's veil yesterday.It's one of those cases where I really hope the lady bought it for herself and not to resell.I don't mind if someone resells something from me cause heck we all do it to someone BUT I would REALLY love to see pictures of this in use!

I remember when Jan first had the dress and veil come into the shop a few months ago and it was beautiful!I went in the other day and someone had bought the dress but not the poor veil!So I rescued it and luckily it went to a good home out there.I think when I mail it out on Monday I'll leave a friendly little note letting her know I'd love to see her in it!

Hooray Dress Form!

Ok,ok I'm a little late in bragging about this as I got her earlier in the week but I'm now the proud new owner of a vintage dress form!I haven't been able to sell clothes for quite some time since by pregnant belly is well past the point of "sucking it in".The only friend I have in town is one heck of a busy bee so I wasn't about to ask her,she's totally do it but I'd rather have our visits be enjoyable and not making her model for me.So here is my dress form modeling some of the lovely vintage clothes I'm selling... poor thing still doesn't have a name'll come to me though,this past week was just sort of crazy,living in the house of sick,plans for the future and all the jazz....