Tuesday, April 28, 2009

98 Days to Go..

I am 26 weeks pregnant now.If Wayland should come on time I have 98 days to go!Hooray for getting under the 100 day mark!I had a doctors appointment today which was pretty routine.Heartbeat was good and even though I've gone for an hour walk everyday I still gained 6 pounds this month!Doh!Darn carbs I blame you for this *shakes fist at those delicious,delicious carbs*

I know every pregnancy is different but this time around I am having horrible back pain.I know boys you carry lower so maybe that's it?The extra weight on my belly my poor back is compensating for.I asked the doctor and he gave me a copy of some exercises I could do to help and even agreed that yes I've got a lot of belly to work with right now.My hubby thinks I'm carrying bigger than I was with Heidi too.All and all it's a small price to pay for bringing life into the world but at the same time it's not fun to wake up feeling like you're 85 years old when you're only 27.Aw well just 98 more days to go.

In other baby related news I keep finding these darling vintage lamb tiles!Too bad I didn't have these when Heidi was still a wee baby.She's still my baby but she's a toddler now too so I try not to get all carried away with things that in a year from now she'll be telling me is baby stuff and she doesn't want it in her room.And of course they're FAR too girly to use for Wayland so I put them up in my Etsy store if anyone is interested!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hankies & Hats...

I hope my hot streak on Etsy doesn't end.I went out late yesterday to stock up my shop a bit.It's been so nice to catch up on some bills. I keep thinking though that Wayland will be here in a little over 3 months and we also need a bigger car!Eek!It's always something I swear.Here's some hankies and hats I listed! ArtDecoDame.etsy.com

Black velvet and feathers!

60's Carol Hat!

Roses and Ballerinas!Too cute!

I love scalloped hankies!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oddles of Poodles...

I had some REALLY cute elephant figurines I was going to show off here on my blog but the sales fairy was working overtime for me yesterday and I had my Etsy shop wiped out twice in 24 hours!Amazing!I got some more things listed last night and stayed up way too late doing so.I have a ton of errands to do today and that should be interesting since my body is telling me I over did it yesterday so the idea of walking all over town doesnt seem like a ton of fun but bills need to be paid and packages must be sent off.

Here is a mama poodles with her babies:

and a set of 2 poodles:

and then I need your opinion.... I listed this Reja necklace and bracelet last night:

I listed it at $49.99 which I think is very fair since if you look at what just a single piece of vintage Reja jewelry goes for on Ebay you'd know what I'm saying but at the same time for what I got it for makes me feel guilty,especially since it's such a jump in price compared to the other items in my shop,and I know Etsy and Ebay are totally different and I didnt see any Reja pieces listed on Etsy...I mean I have 4 months for it sell at that price and if it doesnt oh boo hoo I'm out 20 cents but I'd rather have a sale over it...I suppose I believe in the phrase "it's better to make a fast dime than a slow quarter" a little too much,my hubby is forever griping at me for selling things too cheap but I still like people to feel like they're getting a good deal.Do you think it's a fair price or should I go down?Or Up?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheers & Jeers!

Yeah to waking up this morning and finding my entire Etsy shop licked clean!Every item sold!Woo hoo!Given I only had 22 items which isn't a lot compare to many other sellers but still I am impressed.It also means I should really get off my butt and go to the post office and hit up my favorite haunts to restock.

Jeers to this apartment complex.I was up till 2:30am because of the loud ghetto trash woman that was not only just being loud but blaring rap music...given any type of music at this late at night (especially on a Wed.!) is unacceptable but just to make it a tad worse it had to be my LEAST favorite genre of music,no offense if you like that stuff but it's not my cup of tea.Not to mention she has entirely too many children living in a 2 bedroom apartment so I felt bad for them.I complained to my office this morning and she will be given a warning,next time she's gone.AND she isn't in my building!She's catty corner to me across the parking lot and I could still hear her even with my widow shut!YET another reason I hope I can save up some money and get us out of here.I'd much rather blog about how cute my place is instead of griping about where I live *le sigh* soon I hope,soon.

Also big FAT jeers to Ebay!The bathing suit I listed on there I had stated as "payment due within 24 hours...guess who hasn't paid STILL!Between the way the treat their sellers and the unfortunate luck I've had with horrid "buyers" on there I will only be selling on there if it's something not allowed on Etsy.I knew I should have just listed the suit on Etsy but I thought "oh it will move faster on Ebay,dumb,dumb,dumb.Oh well,live and learn.I just wish she would respond .

On and cheers to Ollie's ears almost being up!They still fall but they're starting to stay up more and more.Eek!Those gloriously cute huge bat ears!He is exactly 4 months old today!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Didn't Quite Work Out....

Incase you missed it the $15.00 chenille bedspread I wanted for Heidi at the antique mall was gone when I finally had the money to go get it. I've been pouting as to what I wanted to do till I could find another one in my price range.I remembered a salmon pink one I had stashed away (yes,I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder,not in the 10 tons of trash in my house creepy way but as in any and all closets in my home are stacked to the brim and then some).Well,as the title of this blog gives away it DOESN'T work for me.I need a pink,a true pink and this one is a salmon pink,darling all the same but too much red for her curtains and lamps.Since it's wasting space I don't have I've opted to sell it and hopefully can use the money towards another one for her room. Here are the lamps and the drapes I have in her room so you can see how they don't really work with this bedspread:

The drapes I found on Ebay and by my relentless hunting found one pair and then another so I was able to have the 4 drapes I needed to cover her 2 windows.The lamps I *shock!Gasp!Horror!* found in a dumpster!One works and the other needs to be rewired due to the fact that the plug has a crack in it and I wouldn't dare try to plug it in "as is".I should rewire both for safety purposes I just haven't gotten around to it and I found them oh geez MONTHS ago.

Here is the bedspread if anyone is in the market for some lovely chenille in the wedding rings pattern,its for a Full size bed.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cherries!Poodles!50's Bath Suit!

Eh,I didn't want to but I have to so out of the 2 I'm parting with the striped bathing suit.


also listed is the vintage embroidered poodle table runner/towel:

and this cherry print button up shirt:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

24 Weeks!

With Heidi it seemed I was pregnant forever.Perhaps because she's all I had to worry about and consumed every waking thought and my dreams.She keeps my quite busy now so this pregnancy with Wayland seems to be going by all too fast!I don't have that luxury of just sitting and thinking and waiting.So here I am at 24 weeks!I'm excited and of course nervous,I hate not having all my ducks in a row with something as huge as a second child coming into the world but life won't wait so I'm just going to try my best to keep my chin up about everything.

In other news My husband,Heidi and I attended our local tea party.I hope you guys went to yours!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bakelite & Art Deco!Oh My!

I listed these the other night on Ebay if anyone is interested!


carved bakelite dangle pin:

art deco manicure tool:

and to the Etsy sellers any advice for promoting your stuff?I'm sure things don't move as fast as Ebay but I could really use some sales fast so any tips would be much appreciated!
Oh and in "go figure" news,this lady who had a bunch of vintage items she wanted to sell me that I've been waiting for over a month to call me finally did yesterday,gggrr!She had to call the one week I'm broke as a joke,such my luck!Hahaha!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm So Bad..

Eeeee!It's hard to love vintage AND sell it sometimes,ESPECIALLY when you find something that is in your size too!Well,your size when you're actually you and not you plus one (Im sort of shocked by how big my stomach is already and I'm only at 23 weeks!).I went by the flea market and antique mall today.I stopped by the flea market first to pick up a VERY much needed new pair of Chuck Taylors,they were my size and gently used (top part is brand spanking new,bottoms look like they may have been worn maybe twice at the most) and only $5.00 so as broke as I am I couldnt say no,I gave one of the ladies there some money for what I owed her for selling something for her on Ebay and picked up a bakelite pin I'm going to sell on Ebay tonight...I should sell it on Etsy but I need to to move fast and everything I have on Etsy right now is at a stand still.I'm still very new to the site so Im still getting the hang of it.

Next I was off to the antique mall to pick up that chenille bedspread I wanted for Heidi's room,go figure it was gone!Grrr!Since Heidi was left at home with the hubby on my outting I decided to use this "just me" time and slowly browse to my hearts content.I looked around one of my favorite booths when I noticed this little beauty:

Now the thing is I know I should sell it because one I need the money and two I got it for a steal so the profit I'd make if I did sell it would be awesome BUT I can't bring myself to do it.I already have this one:

So I should sell one you would think,especially since I'm not due till August 4th so I'll totally be missing bathing suit attire functions anyway..Maybe if I get desperate enough I might....but the lady at the antique mall said the vendor was bringing in a 2 piece soon so if that happens to be as cheap I'll snatch that up and sell it for sure since even before kids I was never a bikini type of gal.I love this one though and if nothing else hanging onto it will only motivate me to loose all my baby weight and get back into shape quickly so I can show it off properly!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aw,My Little Girl...

Funny how I complained that the full was so small for my husband and I...well Heidi officially has her big girl bed!We set it up today and it looks huge now with just little ole her in it!So tonight is my litte ones first night in a big girl bed!Which also means I need to get to sleep.I catnapped on the couch for an hour before the hubby left for work tonight and as he woke me up to wish me good night and point my sleepy butt towards the room (since the couch murders my back) my house wife alarm went off that the dish washer needed to be run so I unfortunatly caught my second wind as I rinsed the sink full of dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher.But still I need to force myself back to sleep as there is no longer a crib to contain my wild child and I need to be refreshed should she decided that she wants to get up earlier than normal.

I keep checking on her and she's done well about staying in one spot,she's closet to the wall but I still would feel awful if she rolled out of bed,it's a big step since we totally skipped the toddler bed stage.I need to get her a bedspread tomorrow since she's using the one we had and black is just a little morbid for a little girl.Our bed is freaking huge!We're going rough it and hopefully tomorrow I can find affordable sheets and other bedding for it.It was free so I shouldn't complain but the joys of being a woman is I can and do find fault with everything and my gripe is there's no bed frame.I looked on Craig's List and so far the cheapest Ive been able to find for a king frame is $50.00,ouch unfortunately that's $50.00 don't have.Oh well,its something I want to fix soon but it's not totally horrible without.There is something that just drives me nuts about beds on the floor though...maybe it reminds me too much of my gutter punk youth and screams "flop house" to me.The grown-up in me demands a bed frame!

I spent entirely too long trying to organize Heidi's room since we still have the crib too,either way I did it I still came to the same conclusion:Much too crowded!With things going the way they are financially I am started to go into panic attack mode that we may be stuck having to renew our lease here for another year and Heidi will have to share a room with Wayland when he comes!Oh nooooooo!Still I'm hoping for a miracle and that will not be the case.Maybe it sounds silly but one of the many joys is setting up for the new baby and I hate not being able to do that for Wayland.Especially since Heidi's room is girl city,vintage ballerina and pink galore everywhere so its no place for a little boy,especially since I wanted to do a western theme in his room,I just don't have a room,grrrr!Definitely one of those times in life where you're just like "man,where is the rich distant relative that's suppose to die and leave me all their money?!"Hahaha!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Is No Retard..

Gah!The internet makes me feel so stupid sometimes!My love relationship with Ebay has turned into a love/hate with more times than not leaning towards hate.I don't like the new rules and the sellers get treated like garbage!So since there is an ever growing vintage population on Etsy I decided to test my feet in those waters.

The other night I tried and tried to validate my card and it wouldn't let me!I was getting so frustrated and of course when you ask for help you get stuck with some generic response that does NOT answer the question.Turns out it was something as simple as when I entered my phone number (which HAS to match what your bank has on record) I was doing it as xxx-xxx-xxxx when it turns out I needed to be writing it in as (xxx)xxx-xxxx,dumb,dumb,dumb!

So yeah for that being fixed and boo and hiss for it making me feel like a epic retard for those 2 days where I couldn't figure it out and was getting very frustrated.I wont' be abandoning Ebay completely but they sure won't be getting as much of my business.I'm sick of paying about $100.00 in sellers fees and having deadbeat bidders that I have to hunt down and that waste my time.Hopefully Etsy doesn't go down the crapper ever like Ebay has.And HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* I do a little better business on there.This economy is making it just THAT much harder to be a stay at home mom but I won't,can't,shant put my kids in daycare ever so instead I jump through hoops so I'm the one thats there for them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My husband and I had a lovely pillowtop queen bed when we lived in California,it was one of the many things that was left behind when we decided to blow that popsicle stand and make roots in the mid-west.Since then we have been sleeping on a full...which is fine if it's just you.However,with a large man,a woman with an ever growing belly,a dog and a sometimes toddler who likes to sneak in there when she can it so beyond doesn't work it boggles the mind.

Well,it looks like Thursday due to a friend moving back in with his wife(hooray for that) we'll be taking his king size bed off his hands (yeah!).Ok so it's not new but I can live with that,one day we'll have a super fancy brand spanking new bed again but till then I'm just happy to be moving on up!Which means Heidi will now inherit the full..oh dear am I ready for her to be in a big girl bed?

It's a little stressful too cause if her room was not crowded enough as is NOW we get to squeeze a bed in there.Dear Gods we need a bigger place so I can start setting up Wayland's room I hate this!One the plus side time to shop for new bedding!There is a really cute pink chenille bedspread for only $15.00 at the antique mall that I'll get for Heidi,I have no idea what we're going to do with our room yet...I need to ask my husband again if it was a king or a CA king...if its a regular king I can find something vintage for it which would be nice.More importantly I need money to do all this so let me throw in a shameless plug here,ha ha! A few things I listed last night:

vintage California souvenir apron:

vintage Hong Kong purse:

PunkRose ballet flats:

Hmm..oh in other news I tried to sign up to sell on Etsy and gah that was a big fail!For some reason it wouldn't let me validate my credit card even though I double checked and all my information was correct.I had to contact customer serivce and haven't heard back yet,I hope we can figure it out I need another outlet other than Ebay,its just too expenisve to list like I do and there is a big enough vintage community on Etsy that I don't feel as bad as I use to about trying to sell on there since it's marketed as a "hand made" place.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Fly...

April Showers is definitely living up to its name here and I can't stand it.Indiana summers are no fun (too humid for the likes of me) so I cherish every second of Spring.This morning we had snow!Ew no!Luckily it didn't stick but its cold and I dislike it,I want yard sale season to begin stat!
If nothing else there is always a lovely box of records someone is ready to give away for pennies.Jan the last time I was at the antique mall had a stack of some a lady had dropped off to see if she wanted and she let me help myself to alot of them for free!Woo hoo free stuff!

The sad thing is I still collect records like mad even though I haven't had a record player in 5 years now!Something I really need to remedy it makes me so sad to look at my collection and not be able to hear it.In a sub-category collection I'm obsessive about European music,whenever I find an album I snatch it up.I have a ton from Spain and Germany and a few from Switzterland,Norway,Italy and Scotland.My goal is to have at least one from each country and luckily I found one from France and Ireland in that pile.The cover art is always the best part too,I need to get some record frames.One that I grabbed out of the pile was the soundtrack to Shaft!It made me laugh to myself, I think the old blaxploitation films of the 70's are fantastically silly.I listed it on Ebay for cheap and its selling so Im glad it's going to a good home out there,I know if I had left it at Jan's store it probably would have wasted away.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poor Hubby...

I won't pretend to understand how Ebay works sometimes other than to say its unpredictable at best.I had two vintage walker dolls listed this week and my husband suggested 24 hour auctions because they creeped him out alot,ha ha ha!Well,go figure the one he hates the most DIDN'T sell so I had to re-list it last night but it makes me laugh to think of him having to deal with this doll longer than he wanted.I think what spooked him the most is when I made her walk her head turns left and right.Ok but getting back to the first sentence (sorry I tend to jump around sometimes) so yeah the one I sold here the Ideal Saucy Walker doll:

She is in less than perfect condition (poor girls hair is a fright!) but she STILL sold more than another one that was in the original box!I'm not complaining it's nice to have one of those "that makes no sense" things go in my favor for once.

Here is the Effanbee one that I had to relist:

Just goes to show looks can be deceiving,you'll forgive me for finding so much entertainment in my husbands misery but sincerely its comical to see a big guy that's heavily tattooed,has jumped out of airplanes fearlessly and a whole other list of general badassery be disturbed by a doll!As much as I need to money so I hope she sells an evil tiny part of me wishes she doesn't so I'll just keep for Heidi to play with when she's a little older,the thought of Heidi forcing Papa to have a tea party with her and that doll makes me giggle.