Wednesday, April 28, 2010

200 Followers GiveAway!

200 came along and quickly!Sorry for the lagging,I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to give away and then once I did finding the time to take photos,then I took photos and didn't like them but aw screw it lets just do this!In exactly one month I will be leaving for California so I need to clear out some inventory.Some things I never even got around to listing so I decided to make them part of the giveaway.

I decided to do 2 small ones.Also in an attempt to see how many guy followers I have out there and I'm sure feel shunned in a lot of these deals I will offer you anything in the "vintage gents" section of my etsy shop so if you are a fella that reads my blog please feel free to enter.If you win you can have one of the finds offered here perhaps for your vintage loving lady friend PLUS anything out of the vintage gents section of my shop.Ladies,I know I sweetened the deal for the guys and that might not seem fair but really they get excluded when it comes to the giveaways we do so I thought I'd turn the tables for a change.

So on May 2nd I will be drawing 2 names.The first name will get this vintage pink feather hat,vintage double strand faux pearl necklace and vintage bobby pins!

The second name I draw will be getting these little tiki candles,vintage German dangle earrings and vintage wooden bracelet:

The rules are simple.Just like last time I won't require you to do anything.This is simply a thank you for following me.Just be a follower of my blog and so I know you're interested in this leave a comment with you email so I can contact you if you win.Oh and to my international followers YES!Yes,you can enter.I did small items so that its light enough to be shipped first class without costing me an arm and a leg if you win so don't feel left out.Thanks to all my followers.I'm so pleased that this blog is growing steadily and on to 300 now!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Toy Box For the Boy...

Wayland doesn't have his own room yet but when he does as I've mentioned before I want to have it in a vintage cowboy theme.My dream of him having his own room is a bit more down the road with my California detour now on the schedule but that doesn't stop be from picking up a few pieces here and there.

Hubs was none too happy about me buying this piece as it is big and he didn't want more things to move but the kid needed a toy chest that he didn't have to share with his sister and that wasn't pink.After some rearranging of their closet it fit nicely in there for the time being that it can be displayed proudly at the end of his crib...or bed depending on when we actually get him his own room.The price was right and I loved the color,something that will still work too once he's past the cowboy stage of his life.


This souvenir magazine from 1941 I picked up today for $2.00,I'll eventually get it framed for his room,I love it!

I should have the finishing touches on my 200 followers give away done tomorrow so look forward to that guys and gals!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Legendary Shack Shakers

I know some moms complain that they never get to go out but trust me I NEVER get to go out.I actually had to look back on my blog to find my last outing and it was March 20th of LAST YEAR!It sort of comes with the territory when you have small children,however everyone needs a little me time too.So needless to say I was overdue for a girls night out.

The lovely Miss Jess,Kat and myself when to the Lafayette Brewing Company for a darn good show.The opening band was Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound.

They're delightful toe tappin' goodness and definitely the calm before the storm of the Legendary Shack Shakers!

Here is sleepy little ole me

and Jess,the reining queen of western wear.Sorry no snaps of Kat,she had gone outside at this point so she'll remain elusive)

I had a great time and can't wait to do it again,here's hoping I don't have to wait over a year to do so!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Bettie Page!

Midnight quickly approaches here for us in the eastern time zone so before it gets too much later I just wanted to give a special nod for the late great Bettie Page.If you loved her,hated her or thought she was overrated you can't deny that she was a pretty gal that inspired and continues to inspire many modern day vintage loving ladies.

As I mentioned it's late and I'm lazy,its been a long day so I'm just going to use an older photo (from last January,aw I was just at the start of my pregnancy with my son then,how time does fly!)that shows off my Bettie Page tattoo.She was my first tattoo at the tender age of 18 and it seems crazy that my tattoo is already 10 years old!Bettie always struck me as a natural in front of the camera with positive body image,an important thing for all is ladies to embrace!Happy Birthday Bettie Page,you're gone in body but you definitely still live on!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Works Out in Odd Ways Sometimes...

As I had mentioned a few posts ago my family and I are moving to Alaska at the end of May.It's been stressful planning as it is a VERY expensive move and the cost of living up there is really high.I'm still planning on moving up there but the gods work in mysterious ways sometimes.Though the events are unfortunate in the long run this will be most beneficial to my family.My husband is going to go ahead and move to Alaska at the end of May but due to an emergency in my family I will be taking the kids to California for 6 months.Could end up being shorter,perhaps a tad longer but right now that is the plan.

Watching a family members health decline is heart breaking but its very important to be there for them if you can.I've missed being away from my family and this will give my mother and mother in law a chance to be near their grand-babies for awhile.It will also give my husband a chance to find work easier and a place when he just has himself to worry about and plenty of time to get established up there before the kids,dog and I come up.

So life throws a wrench in your plans sometimes but like I said it really is for the best.Plus I'm a big believer in absence makes the heart grow fonder so it will give me a chance to miss my hubby like crazy again like I haven't since we first started dating and weren't married and together 24/ know familiarity breeds contempt,haha!But no really it will be strange being away from him and I'll miss him like crazy but we're playing the hand life dealt us.

I will still be running my Etsy shop and hoping I can still find many goodies in California.Hoping my old haunts are still around and that the mid-west has spoiled me too much.I'll be leaving at the end of May so I'll probably have my shop closed for about 2 weeks which will be very odd for me but I'm hoping to sell as much as possible BEFORE I leave so fingers crossed the sales fairy is good to me so I won't have to lug it across the country.Needless to say I'm quite a flutter with all this craziness going on and its got me California dreaming.Thought I'd share some California themed goodies I've seen on Etsy with you all.

Love this 1940's L.A scrapbook,yeah I have "old lady" hobbies I love scrapbooking!
Souvenir tablecloth
H Bar C California RanchWear western shirt

California Hankie Pillow
California souvenir apron

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I hate pantyhose,they are probably one of the most unattractive things I can think of when it comes to clothing.I mean really who thought of it?I should find them and kick them in the shin.I love stockings.Paired with a garter belt they look amazing and even if you just have them pulled up to your thigh they're still way more comfortable than stockings.

I have some deadstock ones in my Etsy shop right now,both boxes have 2 pairs in each box.They are in a yummy cocoa color which is unfortunate for me,my legs are so white they're translucent so I can't quite get away with them... but maybe you can?

Jodelle Stockings
Corbett's Hosiery

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lets Go Bowling...Oh Wait Sure Chuck E. Cheese Then..

Expect a 200 follower give away coming soon,I'm scratching my head as to what goodies I want to put together still.Anyway,today I wore my vintage silk bowling shirt.This was one of those items that I put in my Etsy shop but after having to renew it twice took it as a sign that I was meant to keep it.I wanted to wear my Thunderbirds that I'd blogged about a bit ago but realized I had packed them already so I just paired em with my good ole Chucks and jeans.

Today we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.It honestly wasn't the little slice of hell I thought it end up being.Wayland was patient and easily amused in the high chair and Heidi has a good time running around playing games that spouted tickets she later redeemed for silly things that make kids happy like crazy straws,gaudy plastic rings,tootsie pops and a giant lolly.I won't bore you with pictures of that but here is some snaps I took before we loaded up into the van.
Here is a close up of my Mahjong bakelite bracelet with glass spacer beads

and I forgot to take a close up of my bakelite dice earrings,whoops.Next time Gadget,next time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Girl with the Thorn in Her Side...

Today started off kind of blah.I was really unmotivated even though I needed to get to the post office.I unfortunately failed at the task too and sulking at my inability to get both of the kids ready in time,sat down at the computer and decided to look at the auctions website to see if any cool ones were in my area.There was an amazing one,which OF COURSE I had missed!It had been at 9am,grrrrr.

Didn't want my day to be a total bust so I poured myself another cup of motivation and rallied the troops.There was a lovely warm breeze.I couldn't help but smile as I pushed the stroller and could see my sons chubby legs kick excitedly at getting out of the house.The normal 15 min. walk to the flea market took much longer than usual because I let my daughter walk so we had to stop so she could pick dandelions.I didn't mind I just had to keep reminding her NOT to touch peoples tulips.Last year spring was met with house after house of decapitated tulips thanks to little Miss over zealous flower picker.Thankfully everyone was very understanding of it when it happened,I had make her go to each house and apologize for it and see if they'd like new tulip bulbs(luckily for my wallet no one said that was needed).

I'm not a sweatpants type of gal but was definitely going for comfy today.I wore my thistle novelty print house dress.It is so comfy and perfect nursing too with the zipper up the front.It was a great flea market find I picked up 2 years ago for $5.00.

Here is a close up of the print:

The flea market today was a bit of a bust but I did pick up a few cute dressed at the antique mall next door for my etsy shop.I'm glad the day turned around,sometimes a walk out in the sun does a world of good.Also it crept up on me but let me say wow I went from 198 followers to 205 so Thank You!I have another give away in mind and coming very soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bits of Downtown...

Yesterday I had to make a run down to the post office to mail off my weekend sales.I decided to snap some shots of downtown,I love the old attention to detail.Something modern buildings for the most part lack.Plus everything is in full bloom now and it is beautiful!

Missing from my photos is a lovely one of the row of light fixtures inside our downtown post office.The security guard made me delete it off my camera!In case you are not aware as I wasn't apparently taking photos of a federal building is not allowed.Whoops!

After I got home and told my husband of my little ordeal he laughed at me and told me it was an unspoken rule.Now after the fact yes it makes sense but maybe it should be a little more spoken,like a sign on the door or something.Also thankful they didn't take my camera which is another thing my husband told me they could have done,yikes!I would have cried.So to save anyone else who reads my blog from feeling terribly stupid like I did,don't take photos of a federal building,even if they have really neat design.

Speaking of photos,does anyone know how to keep blogger from making your photos look crummy?I'll take crystal clear photos and when I upload them on here they turn a bit fuzzy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ostara Outfit...

Our Easter plans didn't go as planned due to weather but we still had a nice family day.Ollie decided to join in on the fun on this photo and eh you know what it works.He is pretty darn cute.
My dress I found at the flea market a few years ago for $5.00!The angora beret I picked up at my friends antique shop for $3.00.Faux pearl earrings and necklace are thrifted.

This is Ollie's pouty face cause I told him it was time to go back inside.The winds had brought in a whole new world of scents that he wanted to explore.

So regardless of you celebrated Easter,Ostara or are just here for the candy I hope today was a good day for you.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Owl Says "Who"?...

Some vintage lovers frown on the 1970's but not I.I have a soft spot for a lot of it.I like a lot of pieces from the boho look and for those of you that know me well know that I love 77 punk so the punk fashions of the 1970's also appeal to me.Don't get me wrong,there is a whole lotta bad too bad isn't that true with every decade?Heck,look at the 90's,sorry I think that was ALL bad and it's back in fashion again!*Throws up in mouth a little*.

Today's outfit was a mix of new and old.The knitted bolero I love and also have in a lavender,where did I get it?Oddly 5 years ago in the back of a clearance rack of Victoria's Secret!It's great too cause it goes over so many of the boring ole tank tops I wear a lot for nursing.My ballet flats I got off Ebay and are leopard print...I didn't realize until today that I had packed all my brown shoes already so this is as close as I could get to browns.Perhaps old fashioned but I hate mixing black shoes with brown clothing.

Here is a close up of this darling 70's owl skirt I got from my friend Bailee's Etsy shop,you can check out her cute shop hereMy earrings are bakelite but I forgot to get a close up of those,they were a $1.00 score at an antique mall where the guy didn't know what bakelite was.The wooden bangles and the bakelite bracelet are thrifted.As you can see from the close up shop of the jewelry my daughter's Easter basket from her grammy today and I had to help myself to a few,heehee.