Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wall Hangings and Tea Cups...

Today my family and I ventured into a different than the normal one we frequent grocery store.I like it because the produce is WAY better than the one we were going to AND it has a thrift store a few shops down from it.Naturally I had to go in because if you can at any time hunt for vintage you shouldn't miss the opportunity.

I didn't find too many things but a few pieces that made me chalk the visit up to well worth the effort.If you've ever had to drag a "I don't like thrifting" significant other into a store you understand the importance of finding at least SOMETHING so you can spare yourself having to hear "well,that was a waste of time.You didn't even find anything."

I think I mentioned this before but most of my Vernonware Heavenly Days broke in the move.My Heywood Wakefield china cabinet was looking a little bare.I've since given up my rigid only 2 china pattern rule and stuck with similar colors.I'll show off the lovely hodge podge I have completely when I do my dining room post...still sadly haven't been able to get baseboard for the room to finish it.Every time I have the funds something else comes up,I'm sure you know how that goes.To put on display I found this set of 3 aqua teacups!

I scored 2 sets of wall hangings.The first set was these swans from Miller Studios.I'm saving them for my far off bathroom remodel.
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The other set is from Syroco and will be going up in my living room which I have a feeling will be the next room I'll be able to finish and show off on here.
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I was starting with a blank slate in my living room and once I found the big pieces like the couch I knew what direction I'd be heading.The pieces I found all point to a mid 60's look so that will be fun to do I think.I'm sure I've looked like a crazy hoarder buying pieces here and there saving them for when I'd be ready to do it.I'm in the process of wallpapering which is a tiring chore that I need to hurry up and finish so I can then paint and THEN set up.

Only factors I'm missing are small details like I want to find end tables and a coffee table in DARK wood because the blonde I currently have I think clashes too much with the dark wood on the legs of the couch and chair set I came across.Yeah,I'm really annoyingly matchy matchy like that.And also a credenza or something to use as an entertainment center because currently we have a modern black glass entertainment center that my husband obviously picked out and its hideous.