Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apple Juice Bakelite

If you love vintage fashion there is a good chance you love vintage jewelry and if you love vintage jewelry how can you not love Bakelite?I thought in an attempt to start blogging more I'd make a theme post of showing off various Bakelite pieces for sale on the wonderful world wide web that catch my eye,because I admit it,I window shop.A lot.

One of my favorite colors of Bakelite is apple juice.It also usually tends to me the most expensive,which is why I don't have any pieces with the exception of a large decorative button I keep in my sewing box thinking one day I'll put it to good use.These beauties I've all found for under $100.00!

This brooch from mikat82   features a wire fox terrier in it.Wire Fox Terriers became popular family dogs inthe 1930's because of The Thin Man feature films.

apple juice bakelite brooch

This prairie wagon brooch from atomicwarehouse   incorporates wood and Bakelite together.
apple juice bakelite brooch wagon

Love this funky little fish brooch from 
apple juice bakelite brooch fish

This brooch with the mother of pearl fleck in t is beautiful from 

Violasvintages  photo 9514_558626104165622_1836412277_n.jpg

Hopefully you're not bored of brooches so lets finish this off with some dress clips!Dress clips I feel are one of the most underrated but most valuable pieces to have to your vintage wardrobe.We all have that dress we like that's plain but add a dress clip to it and you can really give it a glamorous feel!

This dress clip also from
Violasvintages   has combined my love of Bakelite AND rhinestones!

apple juice bakelite dress clip

Lastly this reverse carving apple juice Bakelite dress clip from

apple juice bakelite dress clip

Hope you all enjoyed drooling over these pretties as much as I have!Till next time.