Thursday, July 30, 2009

Third Times the Charm....

I've come across these darling "Hair Rola Hampers" three times in my life.Once in an antique mall,it was pink and I loved it but my dreams of a 1950's pink bathroom were much like my dreams of a 1950's pink ktichen: Not going to fly with my hubby. I've said it before I am glad to have a girl for she is my pink outlet and Gods help her if she ends up hating it.Not to mention it was too expensive for my cheapo self.

Second time it came around was in a cream color on Ebay but of course I got outbid at the last minute and was beyond pissed.I'm a total sore loser and will sulk for days or even years when I am outbid on something I wanted.

As I realized a few weeks ago I had lost most of my hair items thanks to my 2 year old daughter so it was time to have them all in one place instead of stashed about where I end up not only keeping them from her but myself.I luckily found this aqua one on Ebay and for cheap for I snatched it up.I have found NONE of my curlers but I did at least find a few of my hair flowers and bobby pins to put in there so that's a start I suppose.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Pays To Be a Pack Rat Sometimes...

I fail at blogging lately.I've had a lot to write just *le sigh* no time to do it.As though sensing that things will change soon (12 days away from my due date as of today) my daughter and my dog have been at my heels non stop and even at night we're having issues with them giving me a little space.I have a hard enough time getting out of bed and oh I know it sounds bratty of me but its wretched when you wake up to pee every hour and you've woken up sandwiched between a dog and a toddler that has snuck into your bed yet again.I can't get out of the bed without waking them up and then I have this little crowd following me because apparently I can't do this simple task of emptying my bladder's hard to be loved sometimes!

While the hubby is home and the lil Miss is entertained my Finding Nemo (thank you Pixar I seriously freaking love you) let me show off these cute vintage boy jumpers I bought quite some time ago "just incase I ever had a boy",they were only a dollar too so it wasn't a great loss if that day didnt come but here it is only 12 days away!

this on is missing a button but I'm just going to replace all the buttons with some vintage red ones I've been had that I was saving for some sort of project:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Screw Christmas in July I'd Rather Prep For Autumn...

Fall is definitely my favorite season.Living somewhere you can actually see the change in seasons is fantastic too.For as much as I loath Indiana Summers it's all but made up for with the falling of a leaf.Everyone's big on the whole Christmas in July thing but me personally I'd be happy moving to Fall.Even my Etsy shop right now seems to be showing off early signs of Autumn!

some vintage leaf hankies:

vintage Sarah Coventry leaf earrings:

and this lovely vintage acorn hat:

Now if only the weather could pretend it's Autumn so I could enjoy some hot apple cider life would be grand.... oh and let's not forget pumpkin Chai spice Coffee Mate creamer being available again,mmm yes please!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Souvenirs From Jersey...

We spent the 4th of July in Point Pleasant New Jersey.It was a fun trip that I of course ended up forgetting my camera.15 hour road trips aren't the best idea when pregnant and I wouldn't recommend it but it was a last minute "we won't get the chance to do this again for awhile" affair and quite worth it.

Being from California I'm use to high prices...or so I thought.The mid-west has utterly spoiled me and being in a place that has such high prices again was a shock.Our friends live a couple blocks from the beach and it's a tourist town so it's to be expected I suppose but the thrill of treasure hunting in a new town was quickly killed when I started noticing the cost of things.

Despite that if you do search hard enough you will find something and I did for $5.00!It cute 1950's jumper for my daughter.It will be about 3 years before she fits into it but oh kids clothes they really just don't make them like they use to (I could say that for so many things really but clothes for sure is one of them).The jumper will be super cute with a short sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar!Sorry the pictures aren't the best.At night when I have time I'm scared to sneak into my daughters room to get it out of the closet due to the fact that if I wake her up it would take FOREVER to get her back to sleep and trying to take them during the day like I did just now ended in me taking a picture of the dress laid out on the bed while she jumped on the bed,fun stuff.

the back:

and a close up of the trim:

In baby news I'm 37 weeks today!Considered full term now so if he wants to come early I'm ok with that.Preferably not before the 28th when my mother flies in though...too bad babies don't take request on when they arrive.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Hot Mess...

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday,I now get to enjoy 6 months of him not telling me I'm "robbing the cradle" until my next birthday when I get to be a different number age than him again...oh the maturity levels of a younger man and go figure the one time I date one I end up marrying him and setting myself up for years of this torment.Gods help me when I turn 30 !Hahaha!

Proof that my darling husband is a bit of a sourpuss he requested lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting which I happily made for him and seriously spent an hour frosting them to perfection,they were glorious.Surely magazine worthy!So you can imagine my utter dismay when I went to go grab one to answer the call of late night snacking and found this!

The sad thing is it was a nice 66 degrees outside today but our darn upstairs apartment was a whopping 90 degrees!Even with the windows all open I couldn't get it to cool down enough in here but couldn't justify turning on the AC when its that cool outside so instead we just enjoyed the effects of hot air rising.Thanks weather for ruining my cupcakes,you've made them ugly muffins.