Monday, March 30, 2009

Misadventures in Antiquing...

Sometimes I fear my antiquing days may be numbered,or at least cut drastically.The thought of trying to balance a newborn and a toddler in one seems mind boggling.Heidi has literally been raised in them and for the most part does extremely well.The best advice my mother gave me in concerns of parenting is "just remember they can't all be good days".This was so the case today (well,technically yesterday as its past midnight my time).

It's one of those situations as a parent you can't avoid,its going to happen to matter how sweet your child is,no matter how much you pride yourself in keeping a calm head your child will on occasion throw a fit of epic proportions in a store and you will be mortified.Jan the owner of one of the antique malls I frequent LOVES Heidi and even as she was throwing a fit was telling me how precious she was.I wrapped up my looking and before I decided to go up to the front to pay for some things I had picked out on Saturday that Jan was sweet enough to let me take with me at the time since I had forgotten my bank card my ever growing baby belly reminded me that I can't go 20 minutes without peeing.So I pick up Miss Grumpette and head to the back of the store to use the restroom.

Urination is a simple thing non-parents take for granted,there is truly so such thing as peeing in peace with small children.I had no sooner sat down when Heidi grabbed a can of Lysol and maced herself in the face with it!Gah!I pulled my pants up quickly and ran her to the sink and flushed her eyes with cold water,this only angered her off more so her screams were ear piercing at this point and all I could think was man I wish I could just tap my heels (or in this case ballet flats) together and take us home instantly. I couldnt get out of there fast enough.Heidi seemed fine so I went up to the counter with her to pay,put her down and she starts to walk off as Im givng Jan my card and one of the vendors that has been talking to Jan in this REALLY shitty tone tells Heidi "YOU need to have your hand held in THIS store I dont know what youre thinking".

I think I go on mother bear over drive sometimes cause I found myself actually raising my arm back like I was going to deck this woman.Instead I shot her the look of death and picked Heidi back up and signed my sales slip and wished Jan a good day.The bitchy vendor as Im walking out the door about to turn around to grab the stroller pushes it out the door for me,um thanks I get the message lady.Part of me really regrets not saying anything to her but I just wanted to get out of there and get Heidi home asap and I just could not believe this woman was trying to make the situation just that much harder on me.I stayed calm though and handled it well.We got outside and Heidi is sniffling at this point and snuggling into my neck.I looked up to see the uber bitch staring at me and instead of telling her what a wretched cunt I thought she was decided to opt for the passive aggressive approach and tell Heidi loudly "aw did that mean old woman scare you?Its ok Baby,she's not very nice I know".Yeah she heard me and yes I will be giving Jan an earful about that vendor next time Im in the store!

I had no sooner put Heidi into her stroller when she looked up at me with her tear stained face,smiled and promptly passed out.She napped for 2 hours and awoke back to her sweet as a peach self,aw the amazing emotional roller coaster that is a toddler.Well,I have a doctors appointment in the morning so I should get some sleep.Another ultrasound so fingers crossed its still a boy!I know my husband will probably cry if he finds the nurse was mistaken... we'd love another daughter all the same but in a way it would be like loosing a child since we've planned so much around having a boy this time.I always fret about these things,I remember with Heidi I asked them with every ultrasound "its still a girl yes?!" ... perhaps Id just heard too many horror stories of women buying all this stuff thinking they were having one gender and only to find out near the end that the doctors were mistaken!I just dont ever want that to happen to me.

Records,Dresses &Purses!Oh My!

Selling clothes right now isnt very fun.I normally model them myself but being well into my second trimester its a little out ofthe question.I wish our budget wasnt so tight right now so I could invest in a mannequin,its VERY much needed,one of those odd things you'd never think you'd find yourself saying in life but oh yes my life would be easier if only I had a mannequin.Here is some of the things I listed yesterday....

Johnny Cash records:

Dolly Parton record w/ poster:

vintage 50's pink lace cocktail dress:

60's mod lime green dress w/ cardigan:

vintage Vera scarf:

vintage beaded purse:

vintage sparrow wall hangings:

vintage chalkware elephant wall hangings:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day...

There never seems to be enough hours in the day.I can't believe its already past midnight and I still have so much I need to do that it looks like I'll just have to put off till tomorrow.My husband had one of his old army buddies he hadn't seen in 6 years come down and stay with us for the weekend.It was a nice visit.I felt bad though.I really hate our apartment.I lament about it often and besides the fact that it simply will NOT do with Wayland on the way (heck just Heidi's stuff alone really requires a playroom but we someone manage to contain it all in her bedroom,I only know this will be way worse with another kiddo).Its not very fun to have guest when you don't have a guest room for them,I try to be a good hostess but I don't feel like I can do that to the full extent when we cant even offer our guest a little privacy during their stay.

He made due with crashing on the couch but it's hard to keep quite when you have a toddler and a puppy that LOVED him(like Ollie would run into the living room every morning Ryan was here and jump onto his chest and lick his face,ha ha ha!)He took it all in stride though.I try not to stress about the future as it really is out of my hands but if this economy doesn't pick back up soon I might scream.All the lenders that we're all over us 6 months ago when we were entertaining the thought of a house now avoid us like the plague,unless you have perfect credit they want nothing to do with you.Very good isn't good enough anymore.Eh,I'm just sick of renting,blame it on the Irish in my blood but owning land is so important.It's not just a want its a need and I think I get too discouraged when I don't see something I want happening as fast as I'd like.

Well,I suppose I should stop rambling on here when I have a sink full of dishes still awaiting me (those can NOT be put off till tomorrow) and a few things to pack so I can take them to the post office tomorrow.I hope I get everything done early so I have relax time when Heidi takes her nap,I have a list of Hitchcock movies waiting for me to enjoy them.Everything else can be put off till later though I suppose,because as Scarlett once said:

Friday, March 27, 2009

"New" Collections...

I need to start collecting another thing like I need a hole in my head but sometimes I can't help myself.Ive always thought Holt Howard pieces were cute but always much too much out of my price range.For me one of the things that's fun about vintage is getting a good deal so sometimes that limits what I collect but I was shocked to find these Holt Howard pieces that fit my pocket book...eeerrr,more like change purse,hahaha!So since I just started this year I only have these pieces that I picked up a at the start of the year but I thought Id show off the start of this collection.

This first one is the Pixie Ware jelly jar from 1958,I got him for $6.95.The top part I had found at the flea market for $3.00 and searched for the base for Ebay ,which I found cheaply since it was missing the spoon(it's ok I got it,I got it!) for $3.95:

This sugar & cream set is also from 1958.I saw these on Ebay going for 40 something bucks just for one so that made me giggle since I got the set and was like "wow I spent $15.00 for these"... I'm too cheap sometimes I think but hey my husband can't complain about that,or can he?He actually did today about the way I list things.For example I listed a pair of carved bakelite earrings for $9.99,there was another pair on there just like mine but in green listed for $75.00 *shrugs* I like other people to feel like they're getting a good deal too what can I say. I'm a bad business woman that way I suppose.... but anyone back to My Holt Howard pieces:

In other news Ollie's ears are starting to come up!I cant wait for him to have big perky bat ears!He needs the extra cuteness from stopping me from killing him sometimes too!Ha ha!Not really I would never lay a finger on him but oh he made me so made this week.My darling daughter was admiring some vintage pins I had and dropped one on the floor,before I could rescue it Ollie swung by and ran off with it breaking off the pin...oh well I can use it somehow I'm sure.However this was not once but twice this same scenario played out this week!My second pin he did this to was not a sturdy rhinestone and metal pin but a plastic one,it faired much worse.Note to self don't allow Heidi to play with my vintage pins with dog in the room.You're lucky you're cute Ollie,ever so lucky *shakes fist at him*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Karma is Indeed a You Know What....

Listed some more items tonight,if youre interested in anything your business is much appreciated as I pulled a Lucy this past week and overspent,screwed up the account and in order to soothe the savage beast that is my husband when I do stupid things like this Im trying to make back what I goofed up (and more if possible is always a plus) *whoops*Eh,serves me right I always gripe at him when he does it so perhaps my karma likes to come back and pull a "how do you like it?!" If you're not interested in anything just enjoy the pretty pictures(we all like to window shop dont we?)!Some of what I listed,click the link for the entire list:*deco*dame

vintage lady planter/vase figurine w/ poodles:

vintage daisy earrings:

vintage lucite choker necklace:

vintage art deco dress/scarf/shoe clips:

vintage rhinestone parrot pin:

vintage Leru plastic & rhinestone accents earrings:

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sucker For Lucite Confetti...

I love vintage costume jewelry,like alot... perhaps too much if such a thing is possible.After bakelite Id have to say lucite confetti really does it for me.I just really hate though when I buy something with the intent to sell it and once Im home and have taken the picture and am about to list it on Ebay I can't seem to let myself part with it,its so horrible of me.Especially when I know its something that would do fairly well and considering Ebay is how Im able to continue to be a stay at home mom I should really break myself of this habit.

And I will,just not starting RIGHT now,cause I love this Coro pink lucite confetti necklace I got for $1.00 too much to let it go.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Short Lived But Fun...

So the show last night was fun.Jess and I always have good conversation and I only get to see her every few months but we made plans to just hang out tomorrow so that should be a good time too,plus Heidi LOVES her so it'll be a treat for her.I dont know what I was thinking but I wore my stockings without garters and spent most of the night trying to keep them up,I also wore my ballet flats and since I am a mere 5 foot tall I felt uber small next to Jess since she is oh I think like 5 foot and about 9 or 10 icnhes tall and was wearing her tallest heels!*Note to self always wear heels around Jess,haha!

Now Im not sure how many people out there have seen the performer Bob Wayne but he opened for Wayne Hancock and I have to say I was not a fan.Musically it was good twangy dirty south rock but lyrically I was not impressed.Too much cussing and drug related songs....maybe Im a fuddy-duddy I dont know,I justify it my just saying Im an old soul,these kids today with their music I tell ya!*Shakes fist in the air*

I sadly only got to see Wayne Hancock play 3 songs but it was better than nothing.Jess was a sweetheart and opted to run be home and its as though the Gods were smiling on us cause as we were leaving their amp blew so they had to fix that,I figured that bought some time for her to get back and she wouldnt miss any music so I didnt feel as bad.

She dropped me off quickly and I dashed up the stairs as fast as I could so my husband wouldnt stress about me being late (I showed up with 5 minutes to spare before he had to leave for work *whew*).And even though Wayne plays a long and wonderful I didnt mind too much having to miss the majority of it cause I got to come home to this waiting for me:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Like Finding Buried Treasure....

Oh dear,I fear my husband may be correct when he tells me Im a pack rat!I was packing up some Ebay items for the night so Id have them ready for tomorrow when I make an overdue run to the post office when I saw shoved in the back corner of the bottom shelf of my red kitchen cart a plastic bag with a shaker and glasses Id forgotten all about!Now I had bought these many months ago at my favorite flea market for $5.00,not too shabby,8 juice glasses and 1 shaker all in mint condition.

I remembered storing them because there was no room for them in my "has the nerve to call itself a kitchen" kitchen,seriously its like 6 feet by 4 feet its maddening!Same reason I have my poor kitchen cart in the our walk in closet (which um,isnt much of a walk in) cause I cant fit it where it should go.Its a tight squeeze going from a 4 bedroom house (oh how I miss that kitchen!) to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and no sir I dont like it.Hopefully we'll be out of here when our lease is up at the start of summer,hopefully.

Since these poor beauties had to be packed back up and stored away again till we get a bigger place I thought Id give them a little sunshine and show them off here.

Hmm... let's see in other news I am 20 weeks pregnant,hooray for the 1/2 way mark!So give or take a few days in another 20 weeks our son will be here!Oh and tomorrow night I get to go see Wayne the Train Hancock with my lovely friend Jess!Too bad I'll have to be cutting it short to be home in time for the hubby to go to work (ah the laments of having my fella work graveyard and having both grandmas all the way back in California,yep no insta-babysitters for us *boo and hiss*)But I figure a lil Wayne the Train is better than none.Besides I only get out like maybe once every few months so I am overdue for a girls night.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Items Im Selling...

So besides showing off some vintage goodies I also sell on Ebay,its kept me able to be a stay at home mom which is so important to me.Blame it on being a control freak but I had these kids so I could raise them and the thought of having them in a daycare sends me into a panic attack!Now I love lamps but to control my obession I have to limit myself to only allowing pairs so when this guys partner broke not only was I crushed but decided that I cant keep it and had to sell it*deco*dame

also selling this chartreuse tv lamp:

I love these they're so cute!But I only have one bathroom and already have a set of fish for my bathroom (reason 10gillion and one why I need a house asap!)

a black vinyl purse (inside is red):

this vintage oriental planter figurine:

1951 Jacquin Ceramics Victorian figurine planters:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dearest Husband....

Forgive me as I air our dirty laundry,quite literally....

This fang-dangled contraption is called a hamper.Its pretty basic,you just open the lid and place dirty clothes inside and close lid,or heck you dont even have to close it you could just let go and it'd close on its does not however take the clothes off the floor that are laying RIGHT next to it and put them in,nope its not quite that awesome.Should you find yourself too far away from this one in the bedroom I also highly recommend the one in the hall.Just Saying...


*yawn* Aw yes,the intro post,generally boring with nothing different to say...this is no exception. Basically my point for this journal is for showing off my vintage things,including some things I sell ,talk about my kids (I have one daughter and am expcting a son on August 4th),housewifery and not only getting in contact with some my other friends on here but also meeting new fellow vintage lovers.So hello to you new friends!

*oh and I apologize now I just noticed I added myself twice to some peoples followers page.Im clearly a novice to this site and am still figuring out what Im doing.If you know how to fix that so Im only there once do tell*