Friday, May 17, 2013

Paper Moons...

I love old paper moon photos!There are so many different varieties I never tire of looking at them.I,I can easily lose an hour of my life searching them on the internet!I even enjoy seeing people recreating the shots of yesteryear.I've seen some cute modern ones from peoples weddings or vintage themed parties.I,like most of you,don't have just one specific decade in history I love,we all have a few.That is another thing I adore about paper moon photos is you'll see so many fashion eras in this them.Here are some to send you to the moon and back.

 vintage paper moon pinup woman

 vintage paper moon pinup woman

vintage paper moon pinup woman rocket ship  vintage paper moon baby and pit bull puppy dog vintage paper moon couple vintage paper moon couple  photo 1-2.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plus Sized Vintage For Under $50...

One of the number one complaints I here from my fellow vintage lovers is finding vintage in larger sizes and when you do it cost an arm and a leg.I may not be plus size but I think we all share the frustration of finding an amazing vintage dress and realizing that the waist is a mere 24 inches...unless you have a 24 inch waist.If you do then congrats for the world of vintage dresses is your oyster.

I'm sitting here right now working on my etsy shop which means I'm also browsing cause face it,if you work on a computer for a living the sirens call to internet window shop is just too strong to ignore sometimes.I thought I'd put my slacking to good use and show off some of the vintage plus size items I've come across in my internet window shopping excursions that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

50s 60s Day Dress from PetticoatsPlus at $38 is a steal!
vintage etsy plus size1950s dress

1950s dress from simplicityisbliss for $40
vintage etsy plus size 50s dress

1960s Scooter dress from TheRubyOlive for $35
vintage etsy plus size 60s dress

Here is a darling 50's dress from BombshellShocked for a mere $28!
vintage etsy plus size 50s dress blue aqua

a hot little 80s does 40s dress from NodtoModVintage is on sale right now for $41.60
 vintage plus size 80s does 40s dress

This 1960s Jersey Dress is from my own shop for $38vintage plus size 1960s dress etsy

And last here is a 60's wiggle dress from CallMeChula for only $28

 vintage plus size 1960s dress etsy