Friday, April 26, 2013

The Possum Has Passed On...

Checked my email this morning on my lap top and did a double take when I saw Yahoo News announcing the George Jones has passed  away at 81.I admit I got teary eyed.I like a wide variety of music and a lot of people roll their eyes when you say you like country but they're thinking modern country.George Jones was real country,the real deal.

Music can play such a huge influence in your life and Mr.Jones music definitely was a big one in my life.I was first introduced to him courtesy of my grandparents as a child.They'd sit in their chairs in the garage watching the neighborhood go by as the country station played on the radio in the backdground,a Budweiser in one hand,and a Marlboro red in the other.Because of his age I can't say I'm totally shocked BUT it does make me sad all the same.Though his psychical body is gone his music is eternal.Here are a few black and whites of George through the years.I hope you'll throw on some George Jones today in remembrance.

 young george jones cowboy hat

George Jones Classic Country guitar

 1970s george jones smoking badass outlaw country


  1. Oh no, I'd not caught wind of his passing yet. How very sad. Between losing Deanna Dubrin (another wonderful voice) recently and now George, the world really has lost to great talents in a very short time frame.

    RIP, George, I'll always enjoy your wonderful country songs.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'm a huge, huge, huge, country music fan, I don't like the new singers like Florida Georgia Line, Lauren Alaina and etc because they are too poppy, but singers like George Jones, George Strait, Josh Turner, Alan Jackson and etc are the true blue country singers and the Possum is most definitely missed.