Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Barbie Fashion Show...

I found this Barbie in a flea market when I still lived in Indiana.Before anyone gets too excited she is a reproduction but its funny that even as a reproduction she's quickly approaching the time frame for vintage herself in the realm of online selling (20 years or older). She was still in the box and I thought she would be so cute to display in my daughters room.Heidi was 2 at the time and quickly discovered how to climb up to shelves and quickly destroyed the box.She still displays well and even though my daughter enjoys playing with all her  Barbies this one she keeps on her dresser and plays with her very gently.This is the outfit she came in.
 vintage barbie pink fashion

And how cute are her shoes?The answer is very.
 vintage barbie lucite sparkle glitter shoes high heels

One thing Heidi has always lamented was that this doll needed more clothes because when she put her in her modern Barbie clothes it didn't look right.When my mother in law came to visit we went to a few thrift stores and  as luck would have it she found a few bags of vintage Barbie clothes!It took me a few weeks to get around to washing them.Some I wasn't able to salvage due to being so stained or torn but most of the bag was pure gold.These were a few of my favorites.

Happy to report when winter hits Barbie will be ready this year!
 vintage faux fur coat hat  barbie

Here is one I wish was in my size

 vintage barbie rose dress

These too,gingham is just so perfect for summer.

 vintage brown gingham dress Barbie

vintage barbie gingham skirt

There were a few capri pants in the bag,the others were crazy floral prints that we haven't found tops that match yet.

 vintage barbie capri pants

 vintage barbie white play suit romper

Barbie is also set for autumn
 vintage barbie kilt plaid skirt autumn

This one,like a few others in the bag,I believe those sew it yourself pieces.

 vintage Barbie mod stripe dress

When I put this one on I had one of those "Barbie dresses sexier than I do for bed" realizations.
vintage Barbie lace robe lingerie

Even though I felt like a creep for this shot I had to get a better detail shot cause her panties are adorable.
 vintage Barbie lace robe lingerie panties

This was has a little fraying on one arm but not the end of the world.
 vintage barbie dress

Hopefully this will keep the kiddo content with outfits for this one for awhile.


  1. Wow. I love all of her clothes but the nightie is the best. I started of learning to sew by making my Barbie dolls clothes. Now I make my own clothes.

  2. I love old-school Barbie stuff!

  3. Wow those are some really great Barbie clothes.
    I am loving those glitter heels!

  4. I am WAY jealous of her wardrobe, so cute!!

  5. Wow, I'm really amazed you found those Barbie clothes in a thrift store. These are great pics - thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, I want all those cute outfits :D

  7. Love all her little outfits :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  8. That is amazing. I love that you were able to find vintage Barbie doll clothes with relative ease. I love that children are so silly. They do not care if it is vintage they just want to play with things.

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  9. It's a wonderful wardrobe Barbie has. A real goldmine. Has the same panties for my Barbie, so cute